It is my guilty pleasure, to make my favorite coffee drinks at home

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      I make iced coffee at home, buy the Ghirardelli caramel and other flavors at the restaurant supply store, I drive to work with my delicious iced coffee, passing a well known coffee store, with a long line of people paying $5 or more for their coffee. It is my guilty pleasure, to make my favorite coffee drinks at home.

      I even bought a small espresso machine, when people want to meet for coffee, I invite them over and make gourmet coffee.

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        I love the Ghirardelli sauces. I have a pumpkin one and they have a peppermint bark one. The chocolate caramel is amazing to. I love making them at home.

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          Love this .. I once came across a post of a guy who would host his friends for “coffee house” once a weekend.

          He’d supply the typical pastries and make nice drinks.

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            I make an extra pot of coffee and freeze it in ice cube trays. Use them with fresh coffee and flavored creamer to make yummy, easy iced coffee.

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              I need to start using my Nespresso machine again. I go to Starbucks way too much! I just feel like my drinks never taste as good as theirs 😭though, I will say that my peppermint white mocha is far superior to theirs

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                I bought a breville espresso machine and it’s the best thing ever, when I was younger I was a barista so it’s so easy for me to make anything even cold drinks with my vitamix, my friends swing by for drinks, I just ask them to bring ingredients.

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                  I did the same thing when I worked. Made my own coffee not only because of the cost, but the taste. Saved thousands over 45 plus years.

                  I too make my own iced coffee!

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                    I recently got myself and espresso machine and it’s already paid for itself in what I’d spend on a fancy coffee (almost) every day. Nuts!

                    And almost every day since I’ve been saying “now me is SO MAD at old me for not investing in one of these sooner. What was I thinking, or not thinking!?”

                    These syrups and chocolates might get me though. But once I get a couple more flavors off of Amazon, I’ll never need to buy a takeout coffee again!

                    Thankfully both TJMaxx and HomeGoods sell them for SUPER cheap! Under $8 for a big jug of the syrup! – they just don’t have a few specifics I want in the store.

                    Explore these too: Best home & garden use for expired (not fresh to drink, but not spoiled) coffee grounds?

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                      I make my own too. I love mc d iced coffee. McCafe breakfast blend ground is it and I add sugar free french vanilla. Just like the real thing.

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                        I’ve done this for years and besides saving money I know my coffee will always taste good (because sometimes they just are not fixed right at coffee shops).

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