Grad school application fee waivers for 4.0 students?

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      Unfortunately, FAFSA does not cover graduate school application fees.

      I’ve asked the schools directly to waive the fee since I’m a 4.0 student. 2 universities waived the fee, but I have more schools to apply to. Each school wants $60-$75 for the application.

      Does anyone know of a program that helps with this?

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        My fee was waived because I applied during a no fee window. Ask if there is a week or two where the fee is waived, then submit your application then.

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          Many schools will waive the fees if you demonstrate financial need. You just have to ask them.

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            My job and Starbucks both pay for graduate school. Nothing says ROI like $0 out of pocket. That included applications, books, required materials, and conferrment.

            The only cost I had was a computer I already owned, my degree frame because it’s pretty, and travel to graduation.

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              Not sure your major but you should look into non-traditional schools. I went to WGU for my masters and had a great experience. It can also be very cost effective. They also waive application fees.

              It’s competency based, so if you know the material you can drastically reduce the amount of time and money spent.

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                Why do you need to apply to so many? Just curious. I only applied to one each time I did my masters.

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                  Why are you applying to so many schools? Pick 1-3 that really work for you.

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                    Check with your state, it’s college application week in Alabama so the fee is waved this week but may only be for undergraduates.

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                      You can request it by writing to the Graduate Associate Dean in the college you’re wanting to go to and ask for the fee to be waived due to financial difficulties.

                      They’ll waive it on a case by case basis.

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                        My husband got most waived because he is a veteran. If you are as well, ask each one if they will.

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                          When I was applying to grad school, most had hardship waives you could get for apps. I don’t remember what the income requirement was, but it saved me A LOT.

                          That and mostly only applying to schools with no fee.

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                            Have you thought about working full time or part time? Many employers will pay for advanced degrees. While it’s a challenge managing family, work & school… we get it…but u do what you need to do to accomplish your goals.

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                              Not sure what your it going for but Wichita state University has been waiving alot of fees to get more people in their grad school.

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