Has anyone thought about going back to school once you retire?

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      Not for something that could earn you money, but just because you want to? There are some subjects I would like to learn more about and have considered taking some classes. I thought it would be a nice way to spend some of my free time once I retire.

      Has anyone else considered this, or have you done it already?

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        @Eric, if you include $x in retirement for classes you can do whatever you want!

        I’ve used MIT open courseware as well as Kahn Academy as free alternatives, when I want to learn about new things but it lacks in student interaction.

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          I’m doing eCornell for a business certificate. I’m a clinical psychologist.

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            I have not gone back to college but I do study a foreign language and attend classes. OLLI classes or adult Ed schools have short term classes of interest. I have looked into a specific degree in history but have never found exactly what I’m interested in studying.

            It’s great to have time to explore my interests.

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              I still want to learn but I’m not paying those stupid prices for the education, no way.

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                Just do the online classes or certifications. I did my MBA super late, mid-30’s and it was hard keeping up with the reading workload after working over a decade.

                Also, provides its lax like a liberal arts course at your own pace, younger people hate group projects when the class isn’t a high life priority.

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                KC Kline

                  Yep. I’m a DMD, almost 44 and FI but have not pushed the RE button yet. I like my current career but love finance so I’m enrolled part-time in dual masters in MBA-finance and MS in quantitative finance at the local university.

                  Not sure what route I will go once done, but the world is my oyster.

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                    Gone back twice as an adult (before retirement) and it’s a great experience.

                    I’ve been told that classes at community colleges are free after 65.

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                      I’m a stay at home mom who went back for fun. I’ve made the Dean’s list every quarter and now I’m considering going back to work once I graduate. I’m on a scholarship so no loans or extra expenses.

                      I might even continue onto a masters program but I haven’t decided yet.

                      I had no plans on making money but from what I’ve been told it’s an in demand degree, cybersecurity. I chose it because it sounded the most enjoyable out of all the degree plans the college offered. So, I say go for it!

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                        Absolutely. There is a 70 yr old man in my grad classes. He’s awesome. Budget and do whatever brings you joy. “Life time learner” I’m “wasting my $” on another masters though so perhaps not the best to respond.

                        I enjoy the classroom setting.

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                          Many universities will allow you to attend classes for free beyond a certain age – you just cannot receive the credits.

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                            Barton Community College in Kansas is $500 per class. Same price for instate or out of states students. Cheaper than our NY community colleges.

                            Our kids took Barton’s online classes over the summer to lighten their university loads. $500 vs $3000-3200 per their university class.

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