Remote work, project mgmt, people skills: Side hustle for FIRE?

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      Need opinions and advice please. I work a corporate job remotely making low six figures. I generally work 9-5, but have some flexibility and work early or late depending on needs or if I take a break during the day. I’m looking to make income on the side (mainly evenings or weekends or if spare time during day).

      My best skills are project management, people skills, child care, and health and wellness.

      Any recommendation on how I can achieve fire quicker without burning myself out too much?

      Debating leaving my current company for higher paying job, but I want to stay remote with no travel so I’m hesitant.

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      Noa Ve

        I’m also in a low 6 figure remote job that doesn’t require travel and don’t want to give that up. For side income, I’ve started consulting in my field of expertise.

        I usually do maybe 15-20hrs a month at 120/hr, and spend all the extra income on home improvement (which I value but don’t want to divert 401k contributions to achieve).

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          I resell from thrift shops full time, it’s great for weekend and even work also.

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            Honestly if you’re in the 6 figures right now. I’d stay with company’s doing the down sizing for the fourth quarter an elections coming up. Have you thought about using the app Fiverr as a side hustle lots of options to help people out at your schedule.

            Useful: Remote worker family: move to lower COL town with family or stay in large city?

            Good luck.

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              Look around your house. Anything you can sell to declutter and make a few bucks? It’s a fun way for some extra money and freeing to see things no longer needed leave your home. What areas of health and wellness is your expertise? Are you able to get a group fitness class certification and pick up hours teaching class at a local gym?

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