When do you think a Prenup is necessary? At what level of wealth or wealth disparity is it necessary?

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      NOT from a relationship perspective (meaning, no relationship issues), but rather from a financial perspective.

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        I didn’t think it was necessary when I met my husband. I came from money, he wasn’t. But my wealth is protected by an inheritance trust so we didn’t see a need for one. Other than that, we accumulated everything together.

        I think if each person brought any assets into the relationship, then a prenup will be good idea.

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          I like to think of prenups not in terms of financial or relationship concerns really. I like to think of it as we are putting together this document now to protect each other in the future.

          So we get to make decisions now when we are in a good place and want to take care of each other rather than risk the possibility of making these decisions when we potentially no longer and caring for each other and in a good place. And not allowing someone else to make the decisions for us.

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            Personally, I would say at all levels. Everyone should feel secure that if the relationship doesn’t work out then everyone can walk away with what they had before the relationship. If your partner doesn’t feel comfortable signing that type of prenup I would consider that a big red flag.

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              You have a prenup, wether you customize it or not.

              Your state has a prenup already determined for you.

              The question is – do you trust what the state would do or would you like to customize?

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                If you have kids of different marriages, if you have a business, if you need to keep clear separation of your income and your significant other’s income and assets.

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                  Always. One or both of you may increase your money substantially over any period of time. Just because there’s maybe “not enough” wealth disparity now, that doesn’t mean that will always be the case.

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                    I never thought I needed one… I regret this. Don’t regret it.

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                      Always. Whether you are bringing assets into your marriage or not. Most likely, whether by chance or the influences of society’s expectations, there will be changes in income, retirement contributions, and wealth disparity between you throughout the seasons of your marriage. Especially if you end up in a stay-at-home or primary-caregiver role. Have the conversations now.

                      Have financial clarity with your partner, and protect yourself, your partner and your partnership (and any assets/children you are bringing to the marriage).

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                        It never even entered our minds to consider. We met as young university students and both had a little savings, but nothing significant and neither of us had any real assets. We were both doing law and thus both had very good career prospects and earning potential. We were both sensible with money, so neither had any crazy debt. Also, we’d agreed we were never ever having kids.

                        We’ve also always kept finances very separate and always contributed 50/50 to any household or joint expenses.

                        Having said this, if I were getting into a relationship when older and with significant assets and savings, I would look at it much differently and think a pre-nup is wise!

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                          Always. I am grateful I had one in place when I got married, even though the only asset I had was my house and he made more money than me. It made the divorce super easy and cheap.

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