So, Today I went and returned some stuff I bought and didn’t need

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      Super proud of myself, I just wanna brag!

      Only purchased the one thing I went for and it was only $7!

      Took me forever to decide but in the end, I’m really happy I was able to talk myself out of buying unnecessary stuff! I’m a “frugal” shopaholic, which alot of times still equates to spending too much (just on “cheaper” things).

      I want to keep this up, do you all have any suggestions on deterring me from buying so many things?

      Feels like I talk myself into it then payday comes and there I am, wanting to make some kind of purchase.

      I’ve figured out I’m addicted to the feeling of something new and the anticipation of getting the item (online shopping) but then when I get it, I’m not really all that stoked to have it and many times don’t even use it..

      Please help, all suggestions welcome!

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        Pick something youll use long term that you’ve been wanting, or plan a vacation, or just a savings goal, and put money youd have shopped with toward that every paycheck. Also give yourself a set budget for frivolous spending.

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          I pick items up, walk around the store with them. Usually by the time I’m done looking around I’m happy to put item back. If I still want it I buy it. Keep the receipt with it and in a few days I return it.

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            Keep track of what u wanted to buy and put that money into your savings account. See how much your money grows in a month! Also do what you can to save on your bills.. raise deductibles, get even monthly paying plan on utilities, eliminate subscriptions and anything you can do without. See how far your hard earned paycheck can go. Best wishes.

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              Don’t go to the store. You aren’t saving money if you buy something. Try to find a replacement for the feeling you get from shopping.

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                Try doing a no spend month. I am like you lol.. We did this and it was kind of like a reset for my brain. I realized that I was able to live with what I already have and really didn’t need anything else. I try to ask myself, do I actually need this thing?

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                  I really get what you are saying! I used to buy ‘stuff’ from home depot to have just in case I needed it. Then I realized it will still be available at the store when and if I need it. And I won’t have so many things cluttering up my life.

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                    This is a hard one! No more Ross, TJ Maxx or Marshall’s shopping?! Idk this one I so struggle with but I replied to someone I try to go and play with the stuff and imagine it all in my head then put it back. Pros and cons on it though. I’ve had buyers regret and didn’t buy regrets! Ughhhh

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