Things I don’t buy because I’m frugal

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      Paper towels – I have a basket of white washcloths that get used once, washed and used again.

      Coffee filters- I purchased a stainless steel reusable filter. No more running out and forgetting until the morning.

      Disposable sanitary products – I prefer washable pads (I made my own) but hear diva cups are great too.

      Liquid shampoo and conditioner – the bars are great, take up less room and last longer (love beauty and planet makes a nicely priced option).

      Hair color – I do not have the time, patience or money to waste on this!  A good haircut and a skincare routine help me embrace aging gracefully (let’s just say I’m past midlife).

      New Clothes – I primarily purchase high quality 2nd hand clothing and have a very nice wardrobe and accessories collection. The exception is shoes and under things. Those I buy new.

      Pots and pans – I purchase Revere Ware stainless steel or cast iron ones from the 2nd hand store if something needs to be replaced. I learned long ago to buy stainless steel cookware and cooking utensils. My original ones are going on 30 years!

      Furniture – most furniture made now is not made well!  We find older solid wood pieces and refinish or paint them if needed. People are literally giving this stuff away.

      DVDs, Audiobooks, Books and CDs – for obvious reasons. Most libraries offer digital services like Hoopla and Libby. If you are not using these you should be. Also, just check out and return newer items.

      Toys – I did not buy much for my kids unless it was their birthday or Christmas but I always got them exactly what they wanted. Now I have a grand baby who has plenty of people buying for her so I get some second hand things to keep at my house and add to her college fund for birthday and holidays along with a book for us to read together.

      Same for clothes for my kids/grand baby – hand me downs were the way to go for my kids. They got plenty of new stuff from relatives. The exception was holidays and sleep overs (new pjs are just fun and super affordable) as well as shoes (high quality only), under things and outerwear with hand downability. I started a children’s clothing exchange in my town and it has taken off. Now no one has to buy new. Once the kids got old enough to care I got them exactly what they ask for because I saved so much up until then.

      That’s enough for now I think!

      Have a great day 🌸

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        I have 3 girls—soon 4, I shop at consignment stores! So so so many name brand clothes for 1/4 of the price, and it’s handed down a couple times! Saves us hundreds!!

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          We do all of those things. And hang clothes to dry outside or inside, no clothes dryer. Got rid of the electric range – using duxtop induction cooktops, countertop oven, so much less electricity.

          Only one grandson, he gets so many gifts, so we opened an account for him and add money to it for birthday and holidays. Plus I am educating him on the power of compound interest, start saving young, how Roths work. He likes that.

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            Me too… plus I start plants from seeds, use laundry sheets instead of big plastic jugs of detergent. I wash on cold and line dry in good weather or on a rack in winter, only using a dryer long enough to get the wrinkles out. got a used instant pot and batch cook for the freezer, I use a loyalty card for gas and heating oil.

            I don’t go out much, but enjoy free live concerts in the parks in my own city and about a 30 mile radius. I bought a kayak several years ago and often take a picnic out on the lake with a book.

            I love my home and pray the rent doesn’t go up like many are now. People in my life are more important than things now, and I definitely don’t need new things.

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