Best meal delivery service for reheating?

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      I’d like to get a meal delivery that just needs reheated for the days that I am too tired or too busy to make dinner. There is just me and my adult son. I was thinking this would be cheaper than going out to dinner on those days. We aren’t very picky on what we eat. Anyone have any suggestions?

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        Just make extra on the nights you do cook and freeze the leftovers and eat those kind of like your own frozen TV dinners. It is only me, so I make enough for about 4 meals and freeze 3 of them after a few days I have a variety of frozen meals for when I don’t feel like cooking.

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          Teach your son how to cook and share the cooking duties.

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            Sorry about the remarks about your son. Do you have a Chipotle near you?

            They will load your order to overflowing if you ask. I will get the bowl option. Then you go home and divide it in half and save the rest for another meal.

            Great price for two meals.

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              Home Chef sells meals in our grocery store. If you did it that way you could get however many you wanted instead of investing in a bunch and setting up a subscription.

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                Where do you live? If near me, I would be happy to share with you. I rarely cook, but would like to share with someone when I do.

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                  I usually cook once or twice a week and eat the leftovers.

                  I buy frozen things:

                  • Fish
                  • Burritos
                  • Lasagna
                  • Meatballs
                  • Pot pies

                  I buy the large premade salads.

                  1 chicken Ceasar is a meal for me.

                  More like a lunch but I buy more than 1.

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                    We use gobble weekly.

                    It’s not cooked you get all ingredients, prep and cook. They take 20 minutes. It’s nourishing, healthy food and we look forward to those 3 nights instead of eating out. It’s been about a year and we’ve tried so many new things.

                    Explore these too: Does anyone cook a big meal to have for dinner all week?

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                      Buy a Costco rotisserie chicken lasts for days.

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                        I’ve had some good meals from Factor. But if your son is a big eater, he might need a side too.

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                          Days when you feel like cooking…cook double freeze half. Most every time, so you have a variety of meals. These meals can be taken out to defrost when you get up for work. Can be nuked or reheated when you get home.

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                            When I make lasagna, mestloaf, stuffed peppers, etc… I make enough to freeze for the weeknights I just don’t feel like cooking. I buy the cheap throw away bread tins, and fill them, or the 8×8 cake tins. They’re perfect size for 2 people.

                            Also instead of bagged salad I have found that if I cut up my own fresh romaine and store it in a tupperware container in the fridge it stays fresh much longer than bag salad.

                            Just not mixing lettuce varieties helps a lot!

                            Don’t miss: What are your favorite super frugal meals that don’t need an oven?

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                              Perhaps you have a friend or neighbor that would help you out and make a few bucks themselves.

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                                I need the same meal service. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a TV dinner Style meal delivery service, I can afford.

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                                  Activate Foods are brilliant and so healthy. Free delivery over $150 and you order when you want instead of being locked into a reoccurring delivery.

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