Is now a good time to buy Bitcoin?

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      In April 2020, I used 50,000 US dollars to buy all BTC at a price of 6,400, and sold it in March 2021 for 48,000 US dollars. The value increased 8 times. After that, its price fluctuated, and I no longer held it.

      I have seen that its price has increased significantly in recent times. The price is already US$69,000. Is it the right time for me to buy it now?

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        Buy before April when it will half. price will go up after.

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          You could gamble with it if you want
          ..but only hold a small position. Do not risk all of your gains that you got.

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            BTC WILL pull back just like all markets eventually do. Buy the dip.

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              No, past performance is not indicative of future results. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and unpredictable. So it is not recommended that you do this.

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                It’s always the right time to buy Bitcoin!! I would not attempt to trade it DCA and long term hold. There are zero long term holders (over 4 years) under water in their Bitcoin position.

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                  I think the market is set for set for significant price correction in the coming months. I wouldn’t buy at this time.

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                    I own it, I’m planning to sell to get my money back (my initial purchase) and whatever it does after that I don’t care. I sure in hell wouldn’t buy now.

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                      Use 1-5% for speculation. Buy a BTC ETF because it’s easier to trade.

                      Average down using pyramid strategy meaning you do a test buy at 1% and keep buying down until you fully allocated 5%. Preferably you buy the most if BTC goes down to 25k. My average is 42k. So, I have stop loss and I also have crypto and BTC ETF that have gained 25-60%.

                      Have you seen: Is Bitcoin a reliable long-term investment for accruing interest? Tax implications and risk assessment?

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                        You shoulda kept it. I should have bought it at .11 man did I mess up.

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                          No one can tell you that. You have to implement a strategy and commit to it. You eat your gains with taxes by jumping in and out of the market.

                          I DCA BTC and buy every month regardless of price and hold. We are going into the halving next month and historically BTC increases in price about 4-5 months after. I’d get a strong strategy instead of trying to time when to jump in and out.

                          Wishing you the best.

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