Does anyone cook a big meal to have for dinner all week?

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      If so; Do you have useful tips or suggestions?

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        Yes, but I freeze portions so I can have variety,

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          I cook about 2 meals a week. Its just me. And then I can alternate, and I’ll make myself some tuna, chicken or egg salad for lunch at work and cut up a bell pepper with it, maybe a couple slices of cheese. It gets me through the week and I don’t have to spend a ton of groceries or a ton of time prepping for just myself.

          In the fall you can cook a big pot of soup or chili and even freeze it nicely in bags and pull out what you want.

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            I plan my dinners so all ingredients overlap and nothing goes to waste. I plan to cook two proteins total onefor the beginning of week and other for mid week and Friday we just order pizza. This week it was chicken and shrimp.

            So, I do chicken nachos, southwest chicken salad with chipotle dressing, shrimp tostada and shrimp quesadilla. I cook the chicken ahead of time and chop all my veggies and use as I need them.

            I’m using bell peppers, jalapeños, cilantro, tomatoes, red onion, avocado, lettuce and tortillas/ tostada. And I work from home so I make enough so leftovers are my lunch.

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              I just made a big pot of veggie hash (a bunch of types of veggies sautéed with a sliced up kielbasa and creole seasoning) for this week.

              Yesterday, I made sourdough and two egg bakes (one with cottage cheese, green chili, and spinach and the other with season salt, cheese, and diced ham that my kids will eat).

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                I make things to last 3days all the time. Cooking twice a week is enough for me. 7th day is a whatever day.

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                  We’re a family of 6 so every meal I cook is a big meal… I cook 2-3 times a week depending on schedule….

                  I find the best deal I can on a meat… so if chicken is on sale I’ll get a bunch and then make 3 totally different chicken meals on Sunday for Sunday-Tuesday, then I cook again on Wednesday for Wednesday-Fri…. Saturday we usually order take out.

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                    Last week I made a family size bag each of tortellini and ravioli. Leftovers went in individual serving size tubs to microwave.

                    Fresh veggies with ranch dressing on the side and everyone is happy.

                    It’s over 100° every day right now so using the stove and oven is just not appealing.

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