What inexpensive items can I include in 100 Valentine’s Day goodie bags for school staff, besides candy?

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      I’m making small goodie bags for my daughter’s school. My plan is to deliver them on Valentine’s Day to overlooked staff such as custodians, administration, cafeteria workers, parents on the party planning committee, coaches, speciality teachers, etc.

      Aside from candy, what else could I put in them? I’ll need to make about 100 of them. While a random act of kindness isn’t necessarily frugal, I’d like to save some money if I can.

      I was also thinking about giving a flower to each person as well. I can buy about 100 carnations for $20 at a local shop.

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        I’m going to go against the grain and suggest not giving food. You don’t know who has allergies or otherwise can’t eat something. Hand sanitizer and lotion are awesome!

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          I like several ideas already posted. I think a pen that says something like ” thank you” or ” your special” is something that they will use and remember you thought of them.

          Honestly a hand written note means so much..a magnet for fridge is probably my favorite idea I saw.

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            Any handwritten note of praise that can go in a personnel file and be pulled out at evaluation time or be used as a contrasting viewpoint when a different parent complains is GOLD. Words like, “professional,” “caring,” “organized,” “motivating” are a balm to the soul of a teacher.

            Crafts are nice, and put a note of praise with it, date it, and sign your full name.

            This applies to paraprofessionals in the classroom, front office staff, lunch ladies, janitorial staff, bus drivers – everybody.

            Here’s more for your consideration: What are cheap and cute Valentine’s Day gifts for school staff?

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              Also you can make a large basket to be placed in staff areas. Do not give them to the front desk because they get distributed to front staff only and never night workers. Specifically single out the night workers because no one ever sees them. Schools do have some custodians that clean ect through the night.

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                Cookies are always good.. Quakers Oatmeal Raisin Cookies are the best. Who doesn’t love homemade cookies? Maybe 3 in a small bag inside your larger bag?

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                  A personal note would be very touching. You and your kids could write specific notes of appreciation or good wishes for cafeteria staff, janitorial staff, etc., those that may be more overlooked on a day to day basis.

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                    Therapists are almost always overlooked. But something I’ve appreciated is specialty hand soap! You can ask how many bathrooms there are for staff and provide a hand soap for each one. It’s simple but I love the scents and you don’t have to worry about sensitivities because the school still has the plain soap available.

                    You could also give flowers for each of the teacher workrooms with a note.

                    Sometimes the support staff have a different room so be sure to ask to get the right number.

                    You can check also: Post-Valentine’s Grocery Bargain Hunt: A Disappointing Outcome

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                      Definitely go with your flower idea. I have a small army of children, and for years there were a LOT of teachers/coaches/EA’s and other people who worked with our kids/that we wanted to say thank you to – but we had a really tight budget raising all these tiny humans.

                      I would buy the sweetheart roses – a dozen was about $10 – and a package of blank cards from the Dollar store.

                      It cost next to nothing – but made everyone feel special. Good on you for doing this. Kind people rock.

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                        Pens, tiny note pads, hand sanitizer. lotion. go to the $ store Teachers will appreciate anything. Go to Pinterest You are awesome!

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                          I think the flower thing sounds great, maybe with a couple of pieces of chocolate and a heart cut out of construction paper with a message such as “you are special” or “thank you for all you do” or something like that.

                          You could even get the kids at school to help and add a couple of hearts with nice things in there.

                          You could also buy a large pack of granola bars or something similar and include.

                          Thank you for doing things like this!

                          Don’t forget to take a look at: Valentine’s Day Dinner Savings: Homemade Delights for Less Than Dining Out

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                            This is so cool! I love that you’re showing appreciation to people who are in positions that are almost always overlooked. Now I’m inspired to do something like this where I live!

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                              A flower & a little candy would be lovely. It’s the acknowledgement that matters most. (Retired teacher here).

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                                Gift card for coffee over flower. These are ppl that don’t make much money. I think they would rather the treat. Also if you could get the kids to make a booklet of appreciation and photo copy.

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                                  Chapstick, hand lotion, pack of gum, hand sanitizer, candy and a thank you card. Most of this can be bought in packages that have multiple of one item at the Dollar Store.

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                                    As a support worker in a school you are very kind. Perhaps a flavoured tea bag, pen, pencil, a thank you card from a child. I know a local woman and business owner asked other local businesses to contribute and they raised over $25,000 to divy up.

                                    Also, sometime local pharmacy’s will give you samples of things you can include, even some hotels or tourist bureaus.

                                    Good luck, you have a beautiful heart.

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                                      Lived at a senior/hud housing where I prepared a monthly meal to celebrate new residents and birthdays. I would shop the $ store for useful items like purse sized tissues, microfiber cloths, small soaps (dish, laundry and face/body), seasonal items. Useful items….

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                                        I would start by looking at the school newsletters. Very likely there’s something about what is and is not allowed. You’ll have to read every product carefully to avoid allergens. I suspect baking won’t be allowed.

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                                          As a school secretary who’s often overlooked when people give teachers gifts (quite rightly) your gesture will be SO much appreciated! How kind of you xx

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                                            Someone recently posted in my buy nothing group they wanted to do this for their team. There were a lot of people, including myself, who are donating to the cause.

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                                              Very confused why so many people are suggesting chapstick to give as a thank you gift?? The kisses or hard candies is something that’s already wrapped and the note can include, “For being so sweet” or “Hugs and kisses”. The idea that you remembered these support people who are usually not remembered and the personal note will mean the most. Thanks for being so thoughtful!

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                                                If I were one of the receivers, I’d be happy to receive a hot chocolate packet, a small pack of hand sanitizing wipes, & a small tube of fragrance free hand lotion. You’re so sweet.

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                                                  Note idea: have some kids draw a picture on one side and a note on the other. 4 per 8×11. Photo copy onto card stock, cut apart and now you have handwritten postcards with not too much work!

                                                  You could have 8 (2 pages) of unique cards. Just copy them about 12 times each.

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                                                    Masks, gloves, little bottles of hand sanitizer, flowers is a great idea! Also, maybe some home bakes cookies? Or brownies cut into squares and wrapped in wax paper? Chapstick, hand lotion (unscented).

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                                                      Individual tea slipped in a wrapped up saran wrap containing home made cookies with twine for a bow with fancy napkin, chap stick, hand sanitizer, mask, lotion hand made card why person is so important and have child sign it. Car freshener, tissues, magnets for boards or magnetic memo pads. Homemade candies.

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                                                        Hand written note is the best! Anything added is a plus but not needed! Be sure to write their name — that makes it special!

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                                                          Tea bags, lip balm, hand lotions or just a sweet note. All would be greatly appreciated.

                                                          Since its for Valentines, you could do a cut out of a tea pot or tea cup, attach a tea bag and write a sentiment like. You’re my cup of tea! Signed by your child.

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                                                            Hand written thank you, maybe a cheesy poem?
                                                            Roses are red, violets are blue, thought you should know, we appreciate you!

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                                                              Sounds silly but the most appreciated gift I ever gave was a simple wooden back scratcher from the dollar store.

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                                                                Teachers and school staff don’t need more sugary crap that will make them feel worse after they eat it. But, if you must go with candy, do gum or mints. Something that helps pep them up and feel refreshed with the day is getting rough. Chapstick. Hand sanitizer. Lotion, etc. and I love the idea of tea sachets that someone posted.

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                                                                  I am a teacher… I would appreciate any of the following…Post it notes, correction tape, dry erase markers, pencils, pencil top erasers, Clorox wipes, tissues, etc. Things that are useful. $5 gift cards somewhere is also nice, but can get kinda pricey depending on how many you give.

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                                                                    Little hand sanitizer a pen or pencil. The dollar store is always good for this stuff.

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                                                                      Walmart Carrie’s the small jelly jars (2 oz. I think). Fill those with heart candy or kisses. Tie a red ribbon and attach a home made heart shaped tag. Each jar with candy would still be less than one dollar.

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                                                                        Chapstick, hand warmers, hot cocoa mix, socks, drink gift card, chocolate, a thoughtful Thankyou note, fun school supplies ( sticky notes, pens, etc)

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