I’m looking for help in finding a decent deodorant for a heavy sweater

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      I have tried expensive clinical ones you can buy at the store to the very cheap ones. I don’t know where else to ask and not spend so much.

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          I would go to the doctors and get a prescription for Drysol. It’s the only thing that’s worked for me!

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          LM Jennings

            I tied the Lume sample pack and I really like it! I’ve gone through a number of deodorants the last few years and haven’t found one that works really well for me. I’ll know by the end of summer if I’m a Lume fan for life.

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              I use mens deodorant and it works so much better than women’s.

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                I use Lume and love it and I definitely fall into the heavy sweater category.

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                  Have you thought about googling & YouTube to see how you can make your own. I did some similar. Both hubs & l have very sensitive skin & thick hair so l watched alot of YouTube tutorials & we make our own balms (lip, hair, nails, skincare, beard & dog balms). What l love about creating our own products we know exactly the ingredients we go in them. We create organic, vegan & all natural products. We also gift them to family & friends. We feel good about that.

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                    I know someone who got Botox injections and it worked completely. Insurance paid for it cause it was a medical condition.

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                      Nothing is gonna make you not sweat. Anti-perspirant can only do so much to disrupt the body’s natural functions. Dress shields absorb sweat to keep your clothes dry or you could probably buy panty liners cheaper.

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                        You’re gonna think I’m crazy. My cousin had this issue, i believe it was a dermatologist that she saw for it. He had her wear a heavy layer of Mitcham cream deodorant and then wrap her arm pits in Saran wrap before bedtime. I think she did it for 14 days.

                        It helped her tremendously control her sweating.

                        So you might consider going and seeing a doctor, you might also think about an endocrinologist perhaps its from an adrenal issue..

                        That might be a long term solution.

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                          Lume – Carpe – Native – Arm and Hammer – Botox – Lady Mitchum – Avon ice – Drysol – Teen spirit – Women’s Degree

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                            I’ve heard, since most deo reduced ingredients like aluminum, they increased the things to reduce sweat. That builds up over time no matter how well you wash or often you shave.

                            That all made sense to my brain because a lot of people are saying the same thing. So i started to once a week wash under arms with acne wash. Benzoyl peroxide acne wash to be exact. Like the oils that build up to cause acne, deo builds up and it is ineffective. This removes the build up, and makes even cheap deo work again.

                            I don’t think daily is a good idea, but find what works for you.

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