Post-Valentine’s Grocery Bargain Hunt: A Disappointing Outcome

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      I’m a little bummed…I needed to go to the grocery store anyway and was hoping to score some post-Valentines bargains. The selection that was left was piddly and I bought nothing. Oh well.

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        Wasn’t looking for food items. I was looking for something I could use as a Christmas gift. I shop very early, trying to purchase one gift per month. Have 8 people In my immediate family. Found this two hearts entwined hand carved gem for $16. Got 2 for my sisters. Gonna engrave something on a gold plaque and attach it.


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          I went this morning and saw a lady with 2 carts full of stuff. Like a garbage bag full of stuff animals, piles of gift bags, probably 30 boxes of chocolate, piles of candy.

          I was kinda bummer there was nothing left. I didn’t get any valentines chocolate so i was going to buy myself some. Nothing left.

          Take a peek at: Valentine’s Day Dinner Savings: Homemade Delights for Less Than Dining Out

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            I live in Missouri and had the same experience. I was buying for my grandchildren as I hadn’t gotten them anything before Valentines Day due to schedule. It was so different than usual.

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              We went out around noon today and then had time to kill before meeting our daughter when she got off work. Went to Walmart, Target, and Walgreens. Found nothing.

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                Hi Walgreens or CVS for their after holiday sales. Most people forget about them and we’ve gotten great stuff.

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                  I had to grab something before work at the grocery store and the employees were pulling candy off the shelves as fast as they could at 7:45 am!

                  Didn’t need any but kind of a bummer.

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                    I find the same each Holiday. Stores are only purchasing enough for the Holiday and also some stores can send their candy by for credit. I did not know that until I went to a name brand candy outlet and saw all the “packages” of holiday candy that was sent back.

                    Can’t remember the name right off hand.

                    Worth a look: Smart Wedding Planning: Why Getting Married After Valentine’s Day Is a Budget-Friendly Choice for Anniversary Celebrations

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                      Yeah I went to Walgreens tonight for other stuff but checked out the Valentine’s Day stuff and hardly anything and most of what was left had nuts.

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                        I went to dollar general and was hoping to get some stuff. No sale what’s so ever. Their dying roses were on sale. Maybe…

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                          I work retail and will tell you holiday items have taken a real hit. I tell customers to buy it when they see it (months early) because we aren’t getting replenished like in the pre-covid days.

                          We have seen less and less holiday merchandise to mark down. And often just sell out of it before the holiday hits.

                          Here’s more for your consideration: How to repurpose clearance Christmas candy and gifts for Valentine’s Day presents?

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                            Walgreens is almost always a good place to hit after valentines. People don’t think to go there and they usually have a lot of stuff left that’s marked down!

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                              Most stores aren’t over buying for holidays anymore. Even running low before the holiday. Want something then you better get it early.

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                              EA Vgkfan

                                Wanted good prices on valentine’s day sprikles. My daughter said there were none. I was sad.

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