How to repurpose clearance Christmas candy and gifts for Valentine’s Day presents?

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      Clearance holiday candy and gifts. Each year I scour the Christmas candy and gifts, searching for anything I might be able to use as Valentine’s Gifts for husband, son and grandkids. The red boxes of candy and gift sets are perfect for Valentine’s day.

      I first look for boxes of candy that have the slide off or cellophane wrapper that can be removed. If I can’t find anything that way, then I look at the holiday embedded boxes of treats.

      If I get those, I think about what containers I have that can be used to empty the treats from the holiday box to the container or I look for clearance red containers that can be used (same process, remove the holiday decoration).

      Fir the grandkids, I usually buy them some small treat and put a handmade coupon that says it is good for one activity with me of their choice–miniature golf, trip to goodwill, baking with me.

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        Buy red and green Hershey kisses or other candy.
        Use red for Valentine’s and green for at Patrick’s.

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          I usually buy my Christmas cards for the next year at the day after Christmas sale, but 3 Walmart’s and I couldn’t find them at any of them. And I mean NONE, not one box of cards.

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            A woman after my own heart.

            I do the same after Easter, Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. It saves so much on not just the treats, but a lot of the smaller gifts.

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              This is also a good time to find the reduced Christmas gift packages of razors and body wash. You will need it anyway during the year – why not buy it at half price if you have the room to store it?

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                My hubby and I got married on Feb 15th. Every year hubby gets discounted flowers for me. Win, win!

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                  Red things, bath sets too, take them apart and put them in a gift basket.

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