What are everyone’s plans for Valentine’s Day?

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      We have never really been into the restaurant and gift thing for this holiday but this time, we are planning opening a Vanguard account and buying our first Index fund! Might be the first of many “investment” gifts. So grateful for this group and podcast to finally have a plan for investing.

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        We are enjoying our first Valentine’s Day by going to Santa Fe. We saved a lot in airfare and hotel rooms because I guess it’s off season? Anyway, we are going to have a spa day and a nice dinner to celebrate.

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          Since we were dating, my husband and I have rotated who cooks dinner for Valentine’s. We splurge on ingredients, but still, save by not going to a restaurant. First Valentine’s Day, I made lobster ravioli using the pasta maker my husband bought me for our first Christmas. We keep outdoing each other and last year was his year to cook and he made beef tenderloin, which was delicious. Any ideas for what I should make this year?

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            I go to my Grandma’s retirement home with my Godson. We hand out carnations and then give Gma a big bouquet of red roses, as most residents are widow/widowers. I steal my Godson because he’s precious and his parents are great sports about it.

            My boyfriend agreed to do Vday on Sunday, as it will be less crowded and we can do breakfast instead

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              Nothing. Maybe we’ll make a nicer dinner. We don’t celebrate Hallmark holidays (including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.).

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                My hubby has always refused to buy into the hype.

                He loves me everyday and always remembers my birthday and anniversary, so I don’t mind skipping this “holiday.” However, I usually buy the kids each a small treat ($1-3) and we talk about St Valentine and what the day actually means. (We homeschool, so history, reading, writing and debate done in one project!)

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                  Just exchanging cards. We do have a cruise planned for the end of February so that will be our ‘celebration’.

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                    Absolutely nothing. Treating it like any other normal day. It’s a made up holiday sponsored by the chocolate, flower, and greeting card industry to guilt people into spending money. I’ve learned not to fall for it

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