Seeking recommendations for a basic roadside assistance package

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      Current insurance (GEICO) is charging too much.

      Thank you!

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        AAA is the best and very reasonable.

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          I recently added roadside to my plan with progressive because of the limited amount of tows with AAA. Progressive offers unlimited for less $.

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            I would go with something that’s not insurance. I have it with State Farm and I used it and they counted as a claim and my rates went up.

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              AAA is the way to go. Had a membership for many years and it has really paid for itself!

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                Aaa is cheap. Like 59 dollars a year. But T-Mobile has been paying my aaa for years so it costs me nothing. I use them 1-2 times a year

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                  We have AAA, but not for long. 50 years with them. They now limit emergency calls to 4x a year. If you go over that, ita $99 fee, which is more than the membership.

                  We hardly ever use them, but our daughter was caught late at night in an unsafe area. Her car was not the best and we feared for her safety and then for her finances. We were 12 hr drive away….

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                    AAA is $50 a year basic free tow up to 3 miles before they start charging. AAA Plus is $82 per year, free tow up to 300 miles. I’ve had AAA since I’ve been driving at 19 years of age. I am now 45.

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                      AAA- go online, fill it all out, then leave it. They will send you an offer that is cheaper. Several times a year, they offer one-day super low prices too. I get the plus- I live in Texas, a 3 mile tow won’t work. I get 4 100 mile tows/year.

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                        After an accident, I called AAA. The tow driver offered to use my roadside assistance through my insurance company so I could save my AAA calls.

                        When I told my insurance agent about it, she was not happy about it.

                        If I had agreed, then the towing company could have charged them hundreds, making them much more than what they would get from AAA. This may explain why some tows are classified as a claim.

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                          Had AAA for many many years and not the basic plan until I was left on 95 in Va with minimal shoulder and trucks flying by. Called them and after multiple calls over an hour , I was informed I was on my own they didn’t have anyone to send.

                          It was late in the eve, a mile from the exit and no hotels around. I was scared my husband and I would lose our life if we were hit by a truck and there was no safe place to stand. It was a nightmare.

                          Luckily the state police came and assisted my husband with the donut and kept us safe. By this time it was after 11 and it took us another hour to find a hotel that had availability. We bought a new tire the next day and got home around dinner.

                          We had been 8 hours from home. Worst was when I called AAA two days later to discuss, they could not have cared less. Cancelled and will never use them again. The sense of security I had with them for many years was gone and membership did not mean you would have assistance when needed.

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                            Word of caution if you are going through your insurance company for roadside assistance – my son’s company dropped him from coverage after a year with three RA calls (it was an old car).

                            They considered them the same as claims.

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                              I’ve been with State Farm for about 45 years. My roadside assistance costs about $16 every 6 months. And I’ve never had trouble using it.

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