Xfinity Internet Deals – Small inconvenience, big savings

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      I had internet through Xfinity for $30 a month. Apparently that was only the price for the first two years. Then it went up to $65/month. I called to cancel hoping they would offer me my old rate to keep me. They didn’t, so I actually cancelled.

      I tried to get by with just hotspotting my phone, but quickly found out that after a very short while that decreases my phone internet SIGNIFICANTLY.

      A week after cancelling, I signed up with the same Xfinity company with my same address and name and info and got the $30/month for two years deal I had when I started! Small inconvenience, big savings.

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        Whoa that’s a pretty cool hack! I recently moved and had to find a new internet provider they ALL seem to be this way, give you a hefty discount the first 1-2 years and then you have to pay like double or more later, after getting used to a good price. It’s annoying. But I ultimately had to go with Xfinity too, hopefully I remember your trick

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          I hate that they make you play these games to get affordable service. And I’ve had to do the same.

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            My Wi fi is 120.00 a month. With xfinity. No deals nothing else works where we live. They got us.

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              Most will have a cheaper plan that they don’t tell you about as well. Our provider pushes us all the time for the “basic” plan which was $50 a month but they have a $20 a month plan that they don’t advertise because “it’s not fast” and they tell me it won’t stream movies which is really all we do but we’ve never had an issue in 5 years with it.

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