Should I join Teacher Appreciation Week festivities? Seeking inspiration for expressing gratitude with gifts

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      Wondering About Teacher Appreciation Week: To Join or Not? Looking for advice on whether to participate in Teacher Appreciation Week celebrations and seeking creative ideas for showing gratitude through gifts.

      Share your thoughts and suggestions to help me decide!

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        One of my favorite students (we’re not supposed to admit it, but we have favorites) cut out a heart from felt, stuffed it with cotton, and stitched it. I will always keep that. I don’t have the heart to get rid of handmade gifts my students gave me.

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          I did a single ladies Valentine’s Day thing with 5 of my coworkers. Mason jars, bejeweled stickers chocolates, coffee mugs and a simple dollar store candy for like $30.

          So IF you want to partake, finding a simple gift can be very easy to figure out.

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            As a teacher in a Title 1 school, gifts aren’t important. I would much rather have a sweet card a student made me than an expensive gift.

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              I am a teacher, and I can honestly say that I would love and appreciate a positive and encouraging note over any gift.

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                As a teacher… we are not picky BUT to your response about they are always asking for stuff, this year alone I have already spent about $1000 out of my pocket for my students.

                If you got a $5 Starbucks giftcard they would appreciate it.

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                  As a teacher, I don’t feel like my kids need to do anything special. If you want to do something, write a note or have your child write a note to their teacher saying what they have liked best about the school year.

                  I have a box with notes from my past students that I read to give myself a boost in a bad day.

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                    I make each teacher a loaf of homemade banana bread with a handwritten thank you note. Alot of grocery stores have bundles of ripe bananas for a discounted price.

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                      When I was teaching preschool one of my students gave me this for Xmas.

                      I love it and carry it anywhere since it’s attached to my keys.


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                        Notes, a single flower, a home-baked treat. It’s all appreciated.

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                          A $5 bouquet of flowers, divide it so each teacher gets a flower and a hand written note from your child.

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                            For end of year teacher gifts, we are giving them cuttings from our forsythia. Hopefully they will have rooted by then.

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                              A hand written note to each teacher would be much better than flowers, in my opinion.

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                                For Christmas, I gave a heartfelt note and a crisp $5 bill to teachers. There were like 9 of them for middle school. For elementary, I did the note and a bar of chocolate, then through the year, I have sent in clearance treasure box stuff. I made shopping clearance my little extra that I could do for that teacher.

                                It’s fun for me, plus the price is right.

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                                  Free… have kids draw an apple with the phrase you’re the apple of my eye because…. and have kid list reasons why. So many ways to show appreciation without breaking the bank.

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                                    A simple, meaningful thank you card (since there would be — is nice enough. I know my wife, a career teacher, is lifted and encouraged by thanks and appreciation.

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                                      We sent a chocolate bar and I purchased little plants for a dollar from the grocery store one year. Another year, I just cut roses from our rose bush.

                                      Teachers don’t really want a bunch of stuff.

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                                        From a teacher perspective I personally love hand written notes and cards from my students and their families. Many teachers like myself keep a file with such treasures that we pull out when we are feeling down.

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                                          Just a kind note letting them know you appreciate them and their efforts is really enough. You don’t even have to use stationery. You can write it on a brown paper bag and the teachers will feel you appreciation.

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                                            Ours too. I’m so over feeling obligated to be fundraiser of the week every flipping week! Then ending said, for this our school sent a form with spots to say 3 words to describe them, and why you (the child) are thankful for the teacher…

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                                              I got to bags of bath bombs. There were 8 in each bag. I’m putting a tag with a bomb that says, “Mrs.___you’re the bomb!”

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                                                Notes/ thank you cards are always appreciated… but if you feel that you most give something a candy bar or drink would be cheap and much appreciated by any teacher this time of year!!

                                                I bet that all of my classroom kids could tell their mamas what I drink and snack on daily!

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