Considering quitting job for family & personal pursuits. Seeking advice & encouragement from others who made similar decisions

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      Looking for encouragement from those who have already crossed this path.

      My husband and I decided last year that I would quit my job this summer (soon!).

      I’m having cold feet because I like my job and my team. I like supporting my team and I know how much work it will be to find and train my replacement. I’m the only person at my company that does my work.

      When people hear that, they quickly say, ‘great, keep working’.

      The other side of the coin is that I have two toddlers, my house is a mess, we don’t have enough time to enjoy anything. We are constantly trying to clean, decompress, indulge our kids, manage tantrums, and essentially keep our heads above water. We aren’t getting any rest or personal time.

      My list of what I plan to do is endless but centers around homemaking, hobbies, and entrepreneurship, all things I’m excited to do. I want to give us a better life now even though we are in the thick of child rearing. We do plan on keeping the kids In full time daycare after I quit.

      I’m feeling scared to pull the trigger. This will almost cut our income in half and we live in a HCOL area. My true hesitation isn’t about the numbers though, it will be tight but we can make it work. My hesitation seems to be centered around leaving the best job I’ve had yet.

      Tell me your stories, has it been worth it?

      PS: I don’t think my original post properly expressed that even though I do get fulfillment from my job. I’m ready for a change and would likely seek some variation in my future career path. It’s a good job but it’s not helping me achieve self actualization. I’m just going to miss my crew and feel bad leaving them. Quitting isn’t actually up for debate and part time wont give me enough time to do the exploration I’m dying to do.

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        If you’re going to keep them in daycare, then I don’t really see the point. Can you outsource some of the chores like cleaning, laundry, etc with the money you’re earning working?

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          Can you work part time? If the kids are staying in daycare, you won’t really need to be home full time to get the home ship shape.

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            Is there any way you can take a short leave of absence to see whether you like being at home full time?

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              It’s worth it.

              Well-it was for me. The kids are only little for a short time. I went from FT to PT in my daughter’s first year. Then I went from PT to SAHM 4 years later when I had two Littles.

              I SAHM for 7 years then PT for a bit then FT again. Within 2 years of returning to the workplace, I was promoted to the Executive Director and my next two roles were even higher level roles. I recently retired and am once again enjoy those homemaking duties with my Grand.

              For me, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I got to have EVERYTHING I wanted over the 28 years between the raising-kids-years and now. Time at work, time with my Littles, time building a career and now time to retire early (58).

              Worth a look: Senior level job with lot of responsibilities vs Low-stress job

              Good luck!

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                No way I’d quit a job I enjoy to still have to pay daycare. Do you outsource chores? I haven’t scrubbed a toilet in eight years. Never mowed before. Etc.

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                  I worry for anyone who is a SAHM these days. You give up a lot of earning potential that you can’t ever get back. The horror stories are endless. I’d look for part time

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                    If I had a job I enjoyed, I would at other ways to make my life easier.

                    Out source some meals

                    After working all sorts of schedules with kids – I always recommend work while they are young. Once school, sports, band years start, you will need more flexibility. Take the time at those ages.

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                      I would not quit to put the kids in childcare to stay home and clean. You can hire someone to do that. It is really hard to get a good job these days! Take a two week vacation and get some around the house done.

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                        If you can afford to quit but keep kids in daycare, I would look at spending some money to do the draining things you don’t want to spend time on.

                        Hire a house cleaner (best thing I ever did almost 2 years ago!), find a laundry service, get a meal service.

                        If you truly love your job, keep it and buy back your time so your hours when the kids are home can be spent with them.

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                          As someone who did this during the EconoMe conference I say do it! The last FI episode about “The courage to take action,” is a really good one!

                          And it does take time to adjust to this different part of your life even if it means staying at home. There will also be times that you do think of all the money and good job that you walked away from. But I promise you the job will always be there when you want to return, “they will always need a good dishwasher.” In fact, my manager even said to me when I want to return I always have a job there and we both laughed.

                          So yes there will be times you may be down on yourself but the time you get to have with the kids in the already short amount we get is more valuable than any dollar we can put on it. And take pride in the small daily accomplishments and channel some creative time. Learn to just slow down and relax a little and this is truly what enjoying the beautiful life you have already built is about.

                          Blessings on your journey

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                            In addition to the outsourcing some of the chores, I’d also look at implementing some new systems in your household. When my kids were young, we had the nightmare giant pile of combined community laundry. It was daunting. Then I found a new system that worked (no combining) everyone has their own hamper and does own wash. And it was like a game changer.

                            List the problem areas and what you need help with and try and tackle or outsource those.

                            If you like working, I’d stay and at least try this route first.

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                              I really feel if you aren’t ready to let go of your job you’re going to be miserable staying at home.

                              Yes, you will do more home related things, but you said yourself you plan on keeping the toddlers in day care. If this is just about the house being messy or the yard needing attention, can you hire out for these?

                              I get being nervous to pull the trigger on this. I think you need to think long and hard about of its something you really want our of you are just overwhelmed with other life tasks right now.

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