Ideal place to get Euros?

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      We leave for Italy next week and wondering the cheapest place to get some.

      We have 15€ now left over from the last trip.

      Thank you!

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        ATM once you get there – the fees banks charge is insane. Some banks even reimburse foreign ATM fees so you could do it for just the FX exchange cost.

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          Bank ATM when you get there. You really don’t need to carry Euro, all places take CC. I used Capital One – took my son to Italy for spring break, last month.

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            Your bank. For future reference, highly recommend getting a Schwab debit card then withdrawing from local atm as needed. No minimum balance requirements, atm fees reimbursed, and no foreign transaction/conversion fees.

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              I’ve spent 3 different weeks in Europe. Never needed euros for anything. Everywhere takes cards

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                ATM when you get there. Best to go to an actual bank ATM, not one of the freestanding Euronet kiosks, they’re a ripoff with rates & fees.

                If possible, use an atm card that credits back. Otherwise, make 1 withdrawal for the trip. Last several years, when doing 1-2 week trips in 5 countries I haven’t been able to even spend $150 in local currency. Very credit card focused.

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                  Bank ATM once you get here. Avoid the scam ATMs like EuroNet. Make sure it’s an actual European bank otherwise you’ll get ripped off with their fees and excess charges.

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                    When using credit cards, always choose to pay in the local currency it will save you about 5% in transaction costs, and exchange rates. Never let them do a credit card transaction in US dollars. Never never never!

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                      You don’t need much, law last year requires all merchants to take card payments (contactless Apple/google pay) just make sure you have a no foreign transaction fees card ideally via or Mastercard. Occasionally they will say internet doesn’t work or want cash so always good to have 50 or 100. Definitely don’t exchange, just get from an atm here once you arrive.

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                        We always keep a few euros/pounds on us for street vendors or emergencies, but honestly all you need is a credit card and make sure it’s either a travel card or you let them know you are traveling. Just use your card everywhere and if they ask if you want it cleared in dollars, say “No, euros is fine”. Your bank will do the conversion.

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                          With a good debit card from an ATM machine in Europe. I’m an American in Europe since 2018. 95% of my expenditure is local cash drawn from ATM machines on US debit cards, primarily Schwab, but M1, Betterment and others also have good deals like rebating ATM fees, no foreign transaction fees and verified market exchange rate. Make sure to decline ATM machines offers as they will result in a bad exchange rate.

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