What is the most affordable car insurance?

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      Is there a search engine broker or specific company that is reasonable?

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        Get a local broker to shop it around for you. It all depends on your driving record, credit score, location, etc. so what’s cheapest for one person may not be the best option for your personal situation.

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          I’ve always used DairyLand and got cheap prices. (Under 25 with an at fault wreck on license)

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            Go through a broker. I received my Progressive policy renewal last week. It’s going up to $92/mo.!– Went through a broker & they found a policy with the exact same coverage for $80/mo!

            I think that’s pretty good for full coverage on a 2022 Honda.

            B.T.W. You can check also: 2015 Honda Civic v.s 2023 Honda Civic – What would you do?

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              An insurance broker can figure this out for you. You’d want to find an office that was like “John Doe insurance” and not “John Doe State Farm Agent”.

              What’s cheapest for a person depends on dozens of factors that really are irrelevant to anyone else’s pricing (for example, even the speed limit and traffic on your street affect pricing)

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