I just received GEICO car insurance bill and it’s 18.60% higher than before

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      .. with no changes in driving habits and history.

      Any ways to lower it I wonder without downgrading the service including comprehensive coverage?


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        We recently switched to costco’s auto insurance program from allstate and saved 50%. Worth looking into!

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          Call GEICO and see exactly why it went up. If it’s something to do with the rates for your state and not you as a driver, shop around.

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            Do an online defense driving course and give them the certificate it should lower atleast $20-30 a month.

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              I had to change to progressive and was soo much.

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                I have Geico. Mine went up too. I’m on my dad’s & He dropped a lot of things we don’t use (i.e. roadside assistance).

                When he asked about the dramatic increase they just cited inflation.

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                  All insurance companies have gone up – you might find a company lower than what you are currently paying, but I doubt you will find the price you were paying before. Just like everything else…up, up, up!

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                    I just got our Geico bill and it’s also almost 20% higher. We’ve been with them for 10 years. Time to shop around for new quotes.

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                      I switched from GEICO to State Farm and it is 200 less per month. So, shop around.

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                        Contact an independent insurance agent. They will be able to shop your policy and coverage with 30+ carriers.

                        There is no reason to be loyal to any insurance company if they raise your rates.

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                          Allstate went up almost 26% and I am a tier 1 customer. We were told due to increased costs for repair and replacement across the board they were raising rates.

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                            I am a Insurance agent yes rates are going up. Many people are also not insured properly .the basic limits do not have the coverage needed .Comp and collision if car is paid off think of what it’s Worth also how easy it would be to replace the car without getting money from ins. if you can afford to replace your car then maybe drop that coverage but those are factors to consider.best to shop around.find a independent agent who represents a few different carriers is the best bet .let them know what your paying also rate high and low limits .then go from there.

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                              We are in our 80s, making plans to give up the car/driving. Insurance, gas, upkeep costs would be gone. That money is about 300/month. Get a mobility scooter that has a good mileage range and budget carefully for required medical visits….our future

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                                Shop around or call an insurance broker. You can get a lower rate with another company. We recently switched from GEICO to Allstate, and my sister recently switched from Allstate to Progessive.

                                We switched both home and auto, and they’re saving us over $1400 a year between the two policies.

                                Something most people don’t realize is the longer you’re with a company, the more they raise your rates.

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                                  Ours went up too. State Farm. I think we are paying for all those fires and the uninsured. And our lovely economy. State Farm, Allstate and Liberty just pulled out of California.

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                                    Our Geico bill doubled after my hubby totaled a car and with the chip shortages and inflation, the car’s value went up from the purchase price.

                                    We ended up switching to Liberty Mutual insurance instead.

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