Does anyone have car insurance tips?

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      I have a poor record – 3 speeding tickets (no accidents) in 3 years, one will be falling off this August. I currently pay $888/six months for a 2013 dodge grand caravan. I plan to purchase a 2018 dodge journey and my insurance is quoting me double the price….which is insane! Advice?

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        Well, it’s five years newer and rates have gone up. We traded our 22 for an 18 Traverse (to reduce our debt) and our insurance automatically went up this year due to its age. Typically, as vehicles age, cost goes up because it can be more expensive to repair due to hard to find parts (until a certain point).

        I’m just guessing, but statistically speaking, your 2013 would likely be totaled with any accident- just not worth the cost of repairs to insurance. Whereas, a 2018 would most likely be repaired- aside from a complete total loss. This impacts the risk and cost they assume to allow you to carry coverage and that equates to more $.

        The answer to this equation is not what you want to hear, because it seems you are set on getting rid of the Caravan.

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          The car causes a higher or lower price.

          Your record affects the price.

          Some companies are cheap because they pay out less for accidents.

          I have gone through many cheap companies. And I an still irritated when they wouldn’t pay my victim fast enough when it was my fault.

          I have settled on my favorite company which has always done right.

          Now I hear that Dave sells or endorses a car ins company, correct, people?

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            Do yourself a favor and avoid the Dodge Journey. If the Grand Caravan runs, keep it. Go to an independent insurance broker and let them shop it around.

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              My wife has 5 total losses (4 her fault) in the last 7 years (last one was 3 yrs ago), I have 0 accidents/tickets. 13 honda crv and 13 vw gti, both full coverage, we pay $1800/yr. We have the same home and auto insurance company through a local independent agency.

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                I used to pay the same with a clean record on an 08 vehicle, because the area where I lived was high risk. Everyone’s premium is based on a multitude of rating factors. State Farm is who I bundle through, and it’s cheap for me ($400 every 6 months) for a 2020 Santa Fe. But, State Farm quoted some of my family an arm and leg.. so it’s different for everyone. I’d call a broker and have them quote multiple carriers for you. I also suggest to bundle when you can! I save 15% by bundling.

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                  It’s not an answer to your question.

                  But don’t buy a vehicle unless you buying it with cash. If you can’t buy it outright, you can’t afford it.

                  If you can’t afford the insurance you won’t be able to afford the monthly payment and insurance on top.

                  It would seem you’ve been doing this plan a while, perhaps “Dave-ish”. But no new debt means no new debt.

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                    I usually shop my own insurance every other year. We still have 17 & 22 yr children on our insurance. This year I used Select Quote for a small fee they shopped my insurance ( car , home & umbrella) my insurance dropped $3300 dollars for the year by using select quote, my insurance is actually better then previous insurance. We don’t have any tickets, just a young driver.

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                      Along with what everyone says about shop around I would add don’t discount a car just because it has higher mileage. I personally have a 2011 Honda Pilot we bought 9 years ago, has 202,000+ miles and is going strong with no major maintenance needed. So I would look at Toyotas, Hondas, Subarus and see if you can get and older one for cheaper.

                      Do you have military in your family? When I was young I could get usaa cuz my grandfather served during WW2 and that’s what we’ve stuck with as my husband is also military

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