How to make homemade crayons for Valentine’s Day?

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      My son wanted to make homemade crayons for his classmates for Valentine’s Day. We melted broken crayons in a plastic container in the microwave. Then we poured the melted crayon into small metal cookie cutters my mom had given us (this requires adult supervision, as the melted crayon is very hot). The cookie cutters were sitting on top of a silicon mat. The crayon that drips onto the mat just washes right off when done.

      It took us about 1 hour to make 24 crayons for his classmates. It was a fun project and free!


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        My daughter did this with a gallon bucket of old crayons. She didn’t tell me and the container she used was too small. Wax got all over microwave! Had to toss the microwave, but got some pretty neat colors from the crayons.

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          What a great thing for him to do-using his time and talent as a gift to others!

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            What a great idea. The kids in his class are going to love these!!!

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              Such an awesome idea. Fun for you both and fun to give.

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                Soooo thoughtful and a good way to use up those broken pieces.

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                  A good idea. A lot of times you don’t know what to do with all of the little colors.

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                    Such an age-appropriate gift! From a preschool teacher…

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                      I did these because we had thousands of crayons, I think we’ll include them in Valentine’s Day goodie bags.


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                        I love this! I did this with my daughter about 40 years ago! Everything old is New Again.

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