Fancy Valentine’s Day on a Budget: Thrift Store Finds and Homemade Delights!

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      My 5 year old son has been obsessed with “being fancy” lately (basically all our cups have to match at dinner time and we light candles lol) I wanted to step up my fancy game for Valentine’s Day but didn’t want to spend too much for a silly holiday so I went to a thrift store today and got the candles ($5), all 6 cups for $3 and plastic sundae bowls ($2).

      I bought the cheapest flowers I could find ($9) and redeemed $3 worth of points bringing it to $6.


      We had homemade heart shaped pizzas and Caesar salad (I didn’t actually have to buy anything outside of what I had in the fridge for normal groceries) and I bought chocolate syrup ($2) and a bag of gummy hearts ($3) We had ice cream, cherries, sprinkles and whipped cream already in the fridge/cupboard.

      Total extra cost of our “fancy” dinner:

      • $21 CDN
      • $15.73 US

      Thus proving….if they wanted to- they would. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

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        Love it! Also…the spiderman gloves under the fancy outfit! It’s so perfect!

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          You’re making the best memories and proving it has nothing to do with money. The dinner table looks so special. Well done.

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            Love this. You recognized that this was important to your child. Made it happen within your means. Awesome work:)

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              This made me teary. My youngest loved being fancy too. My boys are now 21 and 18 and I have a 21 year old “bonus kid” (a friend of my son who became family). They surprised me with a “fancy” breakfast one morning and it’s one of my favorite memories.

              I love that you are doing this because those little moments are huge memories for me now and someday they will be for you too, I’m sure.

              Give these a glance: Valentine’s Day Treat: Frugal Win with Sam’s Club Pizza Deal!

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                That is so sweet! For 14 years it was just my daughter and I. Every Valentines Day, I would send her an invitation on red paper inviting her to have lunch with me. I got out my red dishes and pink plastic wineglasses and made pink milk.

                Usually, the sandwiches were red jelly cut in heart shapes and vegetables I cut into heart shaped and ice cream for dessert with pink and red sprinkles.

                To this day-40 years later-she still talks about it every year.

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                  Lovely! Good job Mom! This will become a cherished memory for your children. Each Valentine’s Day my Mom would prepare a nice dinner, and serve a heart-shaped cake. Mom and Dad would give my 3 sisters and I a little treat and a trinket. Then we all exchanged Valentine’s from a decorated shoe box.

                  I’m 59 and love those memories.

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                    Way to go Mom! So important to indulge our kids in self care and doing wonderful things to make celebrations out of meals and raising the bar to teach your children that you can be frugal and do sensible activities to celebrate life.

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                      When my nephew was about 4, he asked me if we could “eat at the big table with manners and everything.” So, yes, we did!

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                        Advice on fancy. Check out the estate can find whole sets of beautiful china for very little money. You are half way there just using the pretty place settings.

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                          Mentioned your post earlier. Amazing how many responses you have gotten. Used to do fun and very frugal stuff with my now grown kids when they were little. Fun activity..

                          I found a book on fancy napkin folding and we did it like a craft with cloth or paper napkins. GOOD TIMES!!! Again you have a beautiful family!

                          Take a peek at: Valentine’s Day at Home: Affordable Fresh Crab Feast Delight

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                            I love this! Are those super hero gloves he’s wearing? You’re such an awesome mum for allowing him to be who he is, and not squelching his desire for the finer things in life;)

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                              That is so sweet! My kids (now 24 and about to be 21) used to love fancy dinners. That’s what we would do – cook at home, light candles, and use fancy glasses to drink grape juice. LOL!

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                                The things we do for our kids….wonderful memories being made.
                                One time I put out candles and a red checkered tablecloth & wine glasses ….
                                to conceal some disliked ingredients in my lasagna.
                                The kids were thrilled and enjoyed their meal.

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                                  Wowser! You did it! Even heart shaped “individual’ pizzas for each of you, so impressive!

                                  My grown daughter still recalls for her Valentine’s BIRTHDAY one teen year I had made huge egg rolls from scratch. She was headed out for an out of town basketball game she was in. So I dropped off a bag of those for her to eat at school before they left.

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