Valentine’s Day Treat: Frugal Win with Sam’s Club Pizza Deal!

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      It’s Valentine’s Day. Decided to treat myself. Was going to stop for pizza at a local shop. An ice tea and a small pizza with tip would have cost $20 at least. Stopped at Sam’s and realized I could get a giant slice of pizza and an icee for 3 bucks! We will call that my frugal win for the day.

      Happy saving everyone!

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        Is Sam’s pizza any good? I go there alot, but I’ve never eaten there.

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          Love Sam’s. Especially that I can use the cafe without a membership.

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            We went to Buffalo Wild Wings tonight with a gift card, then went to Walgreens & exchanged cards with each other then put them back on the rack – 0$ spent & we had a great date night.

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              I love the hot dog and drink from sams.

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                when I travel across county to pickup my grandkids to come visit for the summer, they love to stop at sams.

                Get a huge piece of pizza and a drink for $2.50… or the pretzel pizza for 1.98 and a drink for .89. cheap and the kids love it.

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                  Sam’s has the best pizza for the price. Great for kids parties.

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                    Gonna have to try eating at Sam’s. It seems to be popular there is always a line.

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                      I am making Valentines dinner but skipped lunch til 1 pm so knowing I needed groceries AND lunch…ate at Del Tacos taco Tuesday an extra snack taco for 3 snack taco for $1.98 but did not get a drink here…waited for an .89 large one at Sam’s club.

                      Happy Valentine’s day to me.

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                        And think of the calories you saved too by getting a large slice!

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                          I believe you can order the entire pizza and a drink for about $9.00

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                            That’s awesome I spent 42 for groceries nothing special for the day but what was needed and will not need anything else for about a week and eggs at 2.59 a dozen was a big win take Care my amazing friends that share.

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