Valentine’s Day at Home: Affordable Fresh Crab Feast Delight

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      We decided to stay home for Valentine’s Day (me, hubby and 13 yr old). Got 3 fresh crabs for $10.00 each. Made a salad and steamed some cauliflower. It was AMAZING!!! Didn’t have to deal with busy restaurants and wait times.


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        We had crab as well! Found frozen 1.5# boxes in the clearance section of Aldi after new year’s and put them away for Valentines Day.

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          Yummy! We did ribeye steak and baked potatoes it was amazing and I’d rather be at home!

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            We never go out for holiday meals, hate the crowds and the prices.

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              Looks delicious, I wasn’t sure what to eat r my birthday (which is a day before Valentine’s Day). Anyway, I bought 4 lobster tails, but they were frozen. So, I decided to put them in a bowl & let them defrost in the fridge overnight & that was my dinner last night for Valentine’s Day.

              I usually would stuff them & bake in the oven. I’ve had boiled lobster & dip it in butter before. But this was so much easier, this time around. I took them out of the shell, cleaned them real good, cold water & 2 lemons. Then I didn’t stuff them, but I did cut a garlic bulb, fresh parsley & basil.

              I put it in the slice on the tail. It came out great a little bit of white wine, some butter & steamed them for 7 minutes, I was finishing up the bread so I didn’t take the cover off & that helped finish them up & stay hot. Turned the pot back on r 1 more minute before serving.

              My son & I were very happy with our meal.


              Have you seen: An early Valentine’s dinner for us. Ribeye dinner and it came out to under $10 per plate!

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