An early Valentine’s dinner for us. Ribeye dinner and it came out to under $10 per plate!

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      Indulging in a delightful early Valentine’s dinner was a heartwarming experience for us. The star of the evening was a succulent ribeye steak, meticulously prepared at home, creating a romantic ambiance without breaking the bank.

      What made the evening even more special was the fact that the entire gourmet dinner cost less than $10 per plate, showcasing the affordability of creating memorable moments in the comfort of our own kitchen.

      The aroma of sizzling steak, the rich flavors, and the joy of crafting a delicious meal together added a personal touch to our celebration. As avid home cooks, we relish the opportunity to savor restaurant-quality dishes without the hefty price tag.

      It’s not just about the savings; it’s about the shared experience and the satisfaction of creating a culinary masterpiece that fuels our love for home-cooked meals.


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        It’s obvious you are a fabulous cook!!

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          We are doing Shrimp Platters with Coleslaw for Valentines Dinner at home.. Krogers had them buy one get one free $29.99 for the big platters and Sara Lee Strawberry Cheesecake for dessert. (We don’t eat beef).

          So a little higher than Original Posters but still much cheaper than eating out and we’ll have leftovers.

          You can check also: Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day: Dining Out and Homemade Delights

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            Really look good, everything. I really am a veggies person. So that side of zucchini with the carrots, then you have the mushrooms on the ribeye looks delicious. Enjoy!!

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              I have some rib eyes in the freezer, some carrots and cheese in the fridge, and potatoes in the pantry. All I need is the zucchini. That looks so good that I want to make it, too. I have mushrooms in the pantry, but I prefer fresh if they are on sale. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy.

              I don’t enjoy some things out as much as home because I make it better than in the restaurant.

              Yours looks better than what you would get out.

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                Your dinner looks great and I love your picture it!, Sicily, 1922 cup. My favorite show of all time!

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                  Ribeye at Chili’s restaurants is now $22.99 plus tax and tip not to mention the price of drinks. Looks good and a great savings.

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