What are some romantic and frugal Valentine’s Day ideas?

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      Seeking ideas for romantic and budget-friendly Valentine’s Day celebrations? Share your suggestions and get inspired by others! Whether it’s a cozy picnic in the park, a homemade candlelit dinner, or a romantic stroll under the stars, let’s explore creative ways to celebrate love without breaking the bank.

      Share your favorite frugal Valentine’s Day ideas and discover new ways to make the day special for you and your loved one.

      Let’s show that romance doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag!

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        We put the kids to bed and enjoy some homemade cocktails, talk, hold hands. Usually grill some fine steaks & avoid the hyped up crowded restaurants.

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          Just spending time together! Even before I met my husband, I made homemade heart-shaped pizzas. It doesn’t have to be pizza. Make a meal together, talk/listen to each order and definitely touch each other.We were students so long, it was necessary to be frugal, but it seems silly to follow the stupid commercialization of these extra holidays (my opinion).

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            Get married close to valentines day, and then celebrate both Valentine’s Day and anniversary together.

            My husband usually gets me flowers because I love them, but otherwise we just try to have a dinner date. I tell him to get the flowers from Sam’s or Costco at $15/bouquet.

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              I usually just make us a nice dinner every year. Although in our defense, Valentine’s Day is when we started dating so it’s technically a special day for us.

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                We also don’t celebrate. It’s designed to be a money making holiday. We’re perfectly happy going out for a date night on any other day of the year.

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                  Celebrate a day or two after to beat the price markups and crowds.

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                    Last year when we were at a grocery store, we went to the card aisle, choose our cards, showed them to each other then put them back.

                    We also make an nice meal at home (like one of my favorites, shrimp feta!) and eat on our wedding China. We have two sets just for us.

                    I also usually pick up a few small things at the dollar tree for my daughter. She loves the light up roses for some reason.

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                      I love chocolates. But we buy them the day after (on sale). You can also take a workshop (usually free) at home depot, whole food etc. For the kids we usually buy the coupon book from Mcdonalds.

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                        Dinner, no gifts. We decided to give gifts only on Christmas. Our birthdays and anniversaries are weeks apart from major holidays. It helps to avoid overspending, avoid gifts shopping stress, because it’s difficult to get gifts for person that just got a nice gift and has everything.

                        Would rather save up and go on a trip.

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                          I’m not a huge fan of ice cream and yet, an ice cream date is somehow super romantic and sweet especially if you go for a stroll afterwards together.

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                            We just don’t celebrate. Idk I think it’s dorky. If anything we would just make dinner together.

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                              One year I wrote 365 things I love about my spouse; you can buy a small leatherbound 2019 calendar and jot one per date. And you can buy one for 2020 and get a head start for next year.

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                                Last year I did 52 dates in a jar. We only got through 12 (baby life). Most dates are free or under $20 so we can budget and a handful are $$$. But it keeps things fresh and we don’t have to think about what date nights would look like.

                                We usually just order in dinner from our favorite Chinese place for $25, light some candles, and enjoy kid free conversation.

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                                  We order a meal from one of those meal clubs and then have a picnic–on the floor and everything–in the living room, with some nature scenes or fire place playing on the TV. We’ll play a board game (there are some great ones out there for lovers!

                                  Can’t think of the one that we got at the Weekend to Remember marriage conference, but we loved it!) or just sit and talk about the things that we’re grateful for in each other.

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                                    We re-give the kids about half their remaining Halloween candy and make them cards with construction paper. They have not figured it the candy scheme yet (they are under 7.) The adults don’t really celebrate…

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                                      Filets always seem to go on sale at our local grocery store around then. It’s not $2/person/meal cheap, but a $6 filet per person and splitting an $8 bottle of wine (Aldi) +a baked potato would cost you less than $20, but it would be well over $100 eating out.

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                                        My husband and I stopped giving each other cards (and gifts tbh) years ago. Instead, any note is handwritten (or sometimes I’ll snap photos of a card I spot that’s really good but not worth $8 and send the pics to him).

                                        We also tend opt for a lot of free outdoor activities: walks, hikes, live “background” music. While we make a lot of our own food at home anyway, you can make it more romantic by being intentional and choosing the menu, shopping for ingredients, and cooking it together (my husband is the cook, so I usually stay out of his way and focus on making a dessert for us instead).

                                        Don’t go to the movies. If you don’t have access to streaming services and don’t like anything at Redbox to rent for a couple bucks, check out the video selection at your local library for a movie night in (this is better the day after Valentine’s so you can score discount candy to enjoy during the show).

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