Frugal meals for Valentine’s Day go!

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      I’m making a clearance meat, rice and eat by candlelight. Dawn a nice table cover as well.

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        We are splurging because of many hard circumstances. Going out. Haven’t done it 20 years.

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          What is dawn a nice table cover jw also so many people finding ham on sale.. not anywhere around here.

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            I like homemade comfort food for valentine’s day myself. We don’t go out and we don’t make a big deal about it. I do like to make homemade pancakes or waffles for the kids with strawberries and whipped cream!

            Breakfast for dinner is always a go to, because I always have that stuff on hand and it can look fancy with a few extras like fruit and bacon and whipped cream (I add sprinkles too).

            Anything can look fancy with the right presentation, so having nice plates or a table cloth (and cheap flowers from trader joes!) can make a big difference.

            Explore these too: Frugal tip: Buy clearance gingerbread houses and decorate for Valentine’s Day!

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              We’ve made heart shaped pizza. This year I’m doing heart shaped muffins.

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                Pancakes with cherry pie filling on top and whipped cream.

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                  Always add a good dessert..

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                    I’m getting a carry out from my favorite restaurant for Valentines Day. Rest of week eggplant. I was given 11 of them.

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                      I think any time you can take a restaurant meal and recreate it at home, you can really save money. We do shrimp, steak, potatoes and broccoli.

                      All we buy when on sale or clearanced down.

                      Don’t miss: Leftover Magic: Turning Valentine’s Day Steak and Potatoes into a Scrumptious Breakfast and Future Quesadillas!

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                        My husband and I have decided to celebrate Valentine’s day in March. Restaurants will be cheaper.

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                          Salmon & shrimp Alfredo with broccoli with Texas toast.

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