What are you doing to make Valentine’s Day cards?

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      I’m curious to know about creative ideas for making Valentine’s Day cards. Whether it’s DIY techniques, unique materials, or special touches, I’d love to hear what people are doing to add a personal and heartfelt touch to their Valentine’s Day cards. Are there specific themes or designs you find particularly charming? Any tips on making the process enjoyable and memorable would be appreciated. I’m eager to infuse a bit of creativity into my Valentine’s Day card-making this year and would welcome any inspiration or suggestions you might have.

      Thanks in advance for sharing your ideas!

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        My husband and I go to a store, find cards for each other, read them and put them back and use that money towards the dinner.

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          I make my own cards for my second half. When I find something that I like at the store I take a picture and copy it using watercolor paints or pencils.

          Always looks better than the store bought, And personalized with his name and some text changes.

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            We have many times printed on card stock we already had and cut/folded our own. Both my boys love the “I Pika-choose You” option since they love Pokémon. We also did one that said “You Make My Heart Race” and attached a $.10 race car we found clearanced the Easter before.

            We look year round for some options when we want to do a gift with the card.

            This year my son REALLY wanted the mini Fruit Roll Up ones so we just paid $6 from Walmart.

            Also, check out: Fancy Valentine’s Day on a Budget: Thrift Store Finds and Homemade Delights!

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              We buy them at the dollar tree. My daughter is in sixth grade and it’s the last year of valentines 💌 for elementary. I am sad. We are making envelopes for candy out of doilies. With stickers.

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                I am planning on making a non Valentine card into a Valentine card. Cut & paste, adding some extras. The vision is in my head. Planning to let the vision out soon.

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                  I buy them for 2 for $1 at Dollar Tree. I need about 6.

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