Any recommendations on a good book or podcasts to stop overspending!

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      Could anyone suggest a helpful book or podcast for overcoming overspending? Specifically looking for resources that address the mental health aspects, possibly related to depression. Immediate counseling isn’t possible for me right now.

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        Vitamin d supplements helped me alot find your 1 thing you like to do for your self and find a cheaper way to do it mine was coffee and traveling bus/bike/walking.

        Being outside and doing something and limiting screen time.

        Hold a puppy or cat close.

        Do t recomend isolating your self.

        Use indirect contact if you have to.

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          Frugal Money Savers is an encouraging YouTube channel. Under the Median is good too with good tips. Minimal Mom and Diana Kokku are also both encouraging channels. The Dave Ramsey books have been helpful, as they give specific steps to take. Good luck!

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            I am in the same boat and though I haven’t found much that combines all those things I love listen to all the NPR life kit episodes.

            I also love the minimal mom. She talks about minimalism in all forms even spending…

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              There’s a lot of good advise from the FIRE community. Being mindful of your time online is important too. We are constantly advertised to.

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                Listen to Peña Chödrön talks on YouTube. You may think it is not about spending, but it is on so many levels.

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                  I don’t know about the podcasts, but I know you can make it hard on yourself to overspend by locking up your credit cards and clearing them out of the cache in your computer, and only carrying a set amount of cash when you are out and about town, that way you can’t physically spend more money than you have on your person.

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                    I can’t recommend any podcasts, but I’m a huge fan of Dave Ramsey baby steps. He is somewhat faith based, but you don’t have follow that aspect. It does take discipline, but it can be done. I wish you the best.

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