FIRE at 45 with $5K extra: Optimal investment strategy?

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      If you had an extra 5K monthly and were planning on hitting FIRE in 3 years at 45 years old, where would you put that extra $5k? Below is the breakdown of our financial situation, no kids.

      • 350k in brokerage
      • 800k in retirement accounts
      • 200k in HYSA

      Already putting extra $4K monthly in mortgage at 6.5% interest rate and all the other 4 homes have less than 3% interest rate on the mortgages.

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        Brokerage. You need to jack up that bridge to retirement accounts.

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          Do you you have any more room in your retirement contributions? Are you (both?) contributing? What are your expenses? You mentioned other mortgages, so rentals? How much income from that? How are you currently invested?

          $1.35M now plus another $180K plus maybe some earnings? Maybe another $85K to retirement accounts? So maybe $1.7M by the time you retire? A sustainable withdrawal rate at that age might be around $60K/year. That might be doable with the right circumstances.

          So are you asking if you should put money in taxable vs tax advantaged accounts? Or are you asking about the types of investments within those accounts?

          Also, are you holding that much cash because of the rental properties? Or are you afraid of being too invested in the stock and bond markets?

          I’m afraid you question probably has way more ambiguity than you thought when you wrote it.

          Useful: Despite chasing FIRE, what is one thing you will ALWAYS spend money on?

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            What’s your withdrawal strategy in retirement? Which accounts?

            How much do you plan on spending in retirement?

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              I don’t see a Roth ira on your list nor do I know if you qualify for one. But, i would max brokerage account, roth ira for later. and a little more in hysa.

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                Why do you want to stop so early. I like the idea of RE, but I feel like too many people stop too soon. I don’t think anything less than $3M is enough for a good retirement. You will have about $1.5M and that is only $60k at a 4% peel. You mention properties. Do you make rental income off those?

                We live on $90k now but I want $200 in retirement to be comfortable. What are you hoping to live on per year?

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