Which streaming service do you recommend to replace $100/month cable?

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      I am turning off cable 100 a month is ridiculous. Netflix, Hulu, Starz, Prime, Peacock etc which do y’all love? Any tips appreciated.

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        The best tip I ever received about all those streaming services is to just pick one and watch it’s content for a couple months then switch it up to a different one and rotate them out every couple months. That way, you always have new content and aren’t shelling out $$$ to have multiple.

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          Pluto is free. Crackle and Tubi are as well. I have Prime as well senior discount is less than $10 a month.

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            Roku which is free. I just bought the stick since it wasn’t on my tv. I’m living it after cancelling cable. I also have Netflix.

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              Actually, Hulu does the black Friday over Thanksgiving weekend. I’ve been getting the station for four years for $.99. Also peacock is running a promotion for $19.99 for one year.

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                Also, check your local library. Some places have kanopy or something similar to stream.

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                  Depending on who you have for your phone company you might be able to get Hulu and Disney+ included. Or check with friends and family and do like a trade thing. They just have to be in your same city. Like one of you could pay for Hulu and the other Netflix.

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                    My top picks of streaming services are Hulu, Netflix and Max (HBO). We also have Disney+ and Peacock. With all of them added up, it costs similar to cable, however it’s shows and movies we actually like and can watch on demand without commercials. Our DVR was always limited on space.

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                      I was thinking of getting frndly tv. It’s $6.99 for 40 channels. It’s the channels I would watch, Hallmark ones, old tv like ME and so on. Family stations.

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                        Id first look at what you like to watch and where those shows stream.

                        Some internet providers have certain streaming services included with their internet service. And if you use things like Walmart Plus for grocery delivery Paramount Plus comes with that.

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                          I love Netflix and prime I get paramount free with Walmart + but not very impressed with it.

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                            I like Netflix and max and use my firestick. I also have an antenna because I like bounce and ion and a few other stations you can get with an antenna. I haven’t been missing my cable at all and it’s been 4 or 5 years or more.

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                              I do Netflix, Disney+ & Hulu. The H and D+ came as a bundle so it’s cheaper than subscribing separately. I also have an Amazon account and a fire TV, but I only watch the free stuff.

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                                We have Roku but we also got an antenna which is a small little stand on the table. I love Pluto- free and so many channels with the old shows that I loved growing up. Cable got so expensive and kept going up – we are saving close to $150 a month.

                                Also changed our cell phone carrier saving another $70/month!

                                Related: Looking to cut cable… What streaming app has the most for your $$. Anyone do FUBO?

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                                  I like Tubi and Pluto. They are totally free. They have great stuff too.

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                                    We watch alot of Netflix which we got when we switched cell phones to TMobile. Also have Amazon Prime (because we buy enough that the free shipping pays for it) but watch just a bit.

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                                      We canceled cable a year ago, and find we have just as much to watch if not more. We did add an antenna which we got at Walmart, so we can watch local channels, and we discuss keep Netflix.

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                                        I have found YouTube premium to be great value. You can find so many videos about everything, some movies, music and audiobooks. It’s a very wide spectrum of media.

                                        Premium takes away ads and allows you to watch/listen on a device while leaving the screen.

                                        With non-premium you can’t play it on the background. (For audiobooks, for instance).

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