Looking to cut cable… What streaming app has the most for your $$. Anyone do FUBO?

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      Considering cutting cable and switching to streaming services. Wondering which streaming app offers the best value for your money. Has anyone tried FUBO? I’m interested in hearing about your experiences with this platform and whether it provides a wide range of content and features for its price.

      Additionally, if you have any recommendations for other streaming apps that offer great value and diverse content libraries, please share!

      I’m eager to explore my options and make the most cost-effective decision.

      Thanks in advance for your insights!

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        My parents had Fubo, then the price went up to include sports they didn’t watch. They switched to YoutubeTV (you can pay extra if you want sports).

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          FUBO just lost a bunch of channels and appears to be losing a bunch of subscribers as well. YouTubeTV gives you the most for the money, but no local sports.

          Philo is a good deal. You really need to look at the channel lineups and see what works for you.

          Discover stream gives pretty much everything but is the most pricey.

          Useful: I just cancelled Sling & found out they have a new FREE streaming service called Sling Freestream

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            Hulu live is the most bang for your buck in my opinion.

            You get Disney plus and ESPN plus included and all of the Hulu shows plus live tv.

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              I have Slingtv. It has all the channels that I like to watch and a good price. FUBU didn’t have all the channels.

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                Depends on the type of channels you want. They don’t have sports but we use Frndly tv. I pay around $90 something for the year. There’s a good amount of channels. Also for many years we used a digital antenna. It was around $30 at Walmart.

                You hook it to your tv and it will give you digital channels. It depends on your area and even how the buildings are positioned. Some rooms we get more and some less.

                But it’s free. We’ve been able to pick up all the basic channels and even up to 20+ channels before.

                When you hook it up to the tv you just hit “scan” or channel search through your tv remote.

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                  I use TubiTv and PlutoTv for free. But I was given some advice to only subscribe to a service for a couple months at a time, then switch it up to a different one so you have different stuff to watch all the time. Also Freevee is free and decent.

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                    We use Fubo, my husband is a sports fan and they were the only one to have all the channels he wanted. I don’t personally watch much TV so not sure of other channels. He is happy with it, been using them 3 years now.

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                      Honestly it’s like everyone posted it depends on what you like to watch and who offers the channels you watch/best price. We love food network, history, HGTV and ID channels so for us it’s discovery plus and we happily pay $10/month for commercial free versus $85/month for dish that we used to pay on top of our monthly internet bill!!!

                      And along with our Roku tv and all the multiple free channels we get (that we hardly ever watch) I can’t believe I didn’t cut the cord sooner — But the key is you have to have good reliable internet something we didn’t have for years until now (that’s why we had satellite/dish)

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                        We have had fubo for awhile and like the live TV options. Prior to that had dish streaming and got a much better dwla with fubo

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                          We decided on Fubo after we switched to Quantum (great Internet). We haven’t missed anything we had on Cox or DirecTV. Between Fubo, Prime and Netflix I’m happy.

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                            Netflix has a $6.99 option so I do that for a fee months while I binge watch stuff. I really love YouTube tv but its costly so you would want to split cost with someone but even then still pricey. I do like prime because I can at least get more perks out of one subscription.

                            But prime doesn’t have the greatest video selections.

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                              I compared prices and Fubo was my first choice until they wanted to add a $15 charge to my bill for “local news and sports fee” so I went with Hulu live instead. Happy with it so far.

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                                It depends on what you like to watch. I have sling, peacock, Brit box, Accorn, Hulu. I get Netflix free though my internet plan.

                                Then there are all kinds of free streaming services that have a lot of great stuff.

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