Is anyone changing investments in case the government defaults on their debt?

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      I’m hoping to retire in 13 years so I don’t know if I would have time to recover. Thoughts?


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        Can’t name a single time the US government defaulted… this exact thing happens every few years and they always wait until the last moment to resolve it. IMO it’s done on purpose.

        It’s always raised, so their is no real reason to have a ceiling in the first place.

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          They will work it out. I forget the year for this stat but I think it was in the 70’s. This has happened 78 times before. Listen to The Money Guy Show episode from May 10th if you want to understand more.

          The news just likes to hype it up. As all others have said, this is market timing. Believe in the system. Do not pay attention to what is happening in the market.

          Just keep investing and turn off the news if you have to or you will be questioning every time there is a recession, new war or other world event. You have a life time of ups and downs left in your journey.

          I retired last year and will not change a thing. This too shall pass. Keep the faith.

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            There will be a compromise on the debt. It’s just political posturing because neither side wants to own that responsibility. When you learn about what people call the Dark Pool, you view of why the market moves in certain ways, well, it just profited me 15k on a sale after earnings were release on a certain stock.

            I’m no expert on anything but there are many resources to figure out how the Whales preserve their profits in times of Chaos.

            There IS HOPE!

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              I have a shorter runway than you and am going to stay the course. I admit I am less than 100% chill with the House seemingly eager to reenact the finale of Thelma and Louise, but my portfolio is already appropriate for the run-up to retirement so I’m going to trust in my long-term plan and trust in the mantra, “this time is NOT different”.

              If your portfolio is still 100% equities, you may want to consider adjusting for safety, but do so because you are approaching retirement and not because politicians are flexing.

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