Despite chasing FIRE, what is one thing you will ALWAYS spend money on?

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      Hey there! Despite pursuing Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE), what’s one expense you believe is always worth it? Whether it’s a guilty pleasure, a lifelong passion, or something essential for your well-being, I’m curious to know what you prioritize spending money on, even while striving for financial independence.

      Your insights and perspectives could offer valuable inspiration and guidance for others on their FIRE journey.

      Share your thoughts and let’s spark some meaningful discussions!

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        My dog, future dogs, possible cats.

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          Medical care & good mental health therapy for myself and my family.

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            Health, highest quality food and honestly quality of life. We moved to SW Florida and literally love it here, living in paradise, 2 miles from the #1 beach in the US. It gives us energy and motivation to keep going!

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              Travel, it feeds my soul. Also, I am an immigrant so it is important to me to go home and visit my home country at least every couple of years.

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                Travel! I just visited my 104th country last month! Guatemala!

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                  Hunting. I only get so many opening days in my life, and I don’t know how many that will be. There are hunts I can do now that I won’t be able to do it my 60s.

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                    Tutoring for my daughters. Tutoring is a game-changer for their academic success.

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                      Over the years, I would work to save money in various ways. But I never thought twice about spending money on travel. I’m glad I did. A lot of people wait too long to enjoy those types of life experiences.

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                        TRAVELLING THE WORLD!! and eating at moderately priced restaurants on week ends!!! So basically travel and food!

                        I’m all for retiring early… but I’m also all for living life NOW because tomorrow is promised to no one…

                        I may not necessarily die anytime soon, but with ageing, further health issues is almost always a given and health issues can prevent travelling that requires good physical health (eg hiking in Canada) and sadly travelling in general! I’ve seen posts where a husband or wife has died a few years before reaching retirement and it breaks my heart knowing they sacrificed all those years saving and one of them never got to enjoy it and the other has to live with doing everything they dreamed of alone… I just cant take that risk… time is more precious than money and once its gone, we will never ever get it back…

                        LIVE YOUR LIFE!

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                          Oof, so many to list. Hit FIRE last summer and I spend based on what I value so I don’t cut things out. When chasing FIRE I hacked my spending anytime I could.

                          But now I don’t worry about hacking my expenses in many cases. The big two are health & fitness for me.

                          You can’t have a great FIRE life long-term without them.

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                            Healthy food, my kids’ athletic ventures and annual travel. My idea is – what’s the point of achieving early retirement if I don’t have memories to look back on, and I didn’t set my kids up for success in the interim.

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                              I don’t think I have anything. When times were tough I cancelled my phone plan for 6 months and sold my phone. We like to travel and go on adventures but we just cut back. If we can’t go to Italy we travel to Boston, our local city, or even just a drive around town if that’s what we can afford. We’ve had just 1 steaming service before or stopped eating out. If our lifestyle affords it we do it, but if we are struggling there is nothing that is safe.

                              There is nothing I wouldn’t cut in pursuit of financial freedom so I never have to cut anything again. But I like having a phone so while I’m willing to cut it if necessary I’m also willing to pay for it to slow down my progress.

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                                Fast cars, good food, bourbon, traveling, and my animals!

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