How to ask a college student to be your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day on a budget?

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      I’m a college student and I’m trying to think of easy and FAST things I can do ask someone to be my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day we’ve known eachother a while and I know his schedule will be SUPER busy the day of Valentine’s Day but I was thinking about also spending at MOST $45 on the whole thing but it also has to be like a drop by very quickly and romantic.

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        I have an almost 19 year old son. He has made it clear that he’s not ready for a relationship right now because he knows that it could quite possibly lead to starting a family sooner than he would like. He’s not financially stable enough to support a family. To “force” a man into a relationship (I was reading that you may be pregnant with his baby) will not cause him to love you or want to be there.

        If you have a good relationship with him already, I would sit down and talk about the next level. If you’re trying to use Valentine’s Day for that — I would keep it short and sweet: a cute card and a bag of his favorite snacks. Valentine’s Day is a trap for some people — it makes people feel like they should have the same feelings or return the favor in some way when they really don’t want to. Keep it simple for Valentine’s Day, and once it passes — get serious about where you’re heading (especially if you’re having his baby).

        Worth a look: How to stay motivated for a no-spend challenge with upcoming special occasions like birthdays and Valentine’s Day?

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          If I was you the Valentines gift would be to me! Bubble bath, candles, soft music and maybe a new night gown, jammies or whatever your choice and a new book to read in bed. Forget leaning on him or yearning for him! Love yourself and your baby. If he wants you he will come to you.

          Don’t allow your heart to be broken by a less then supportive and loving man.

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            A handmade card with a heartfelt note feels like the proper gift for this situation. As it’s a valentine and you want to know, Will You Be Mine?

            Of course, a tasty treat included if he enjoys that sort of thing or a lovely framed picture of the two of you, or if he’s into it (I know some guys are not) a necklace or bracelet.

            Good luck to you!

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              A pepperoni pizza with the pepperoni spelling out ” Be My Valentine”.

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                A bottle of wine. Pop on by and say let’s have a glass. Let the wine do its thing.

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                  $45 is too much, and could scare him off. Something cute (orange Crush soda, with “I have a CRUSH on you”) is more appropriate. That way you can just laugh it off if he wants platonic friendship. My advice is keep it light, keep it silly. If he is interested, he will let you know.


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                    Make the Dollar tree your go to as a college student. Not to be confused with Family Dollar or Dollar general. I took my 17 year old daughter to Dollar tree to help her get gifts for her boyfriend. ( I’m trying to teach her that gifts don’t always have to be expensive) She got him the following…

                    • A 20 page book with fill in the blanks of “Reasons why I Like you”
                    • Small box of chocolates
                    • Stuffed animal
                    • A little bobble head
                    • A cute box to put everything in
                    • Tissue paper
                    • Hershey kisses

                    She spent under $10.

                    My suggestion is cut your budget more than half and shop Dollar tree.

                    Take a peek at: Home cooked dinner under $20 for 5 adults and dessert for Valentine’s Day

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                      Bring him a sweet treat and just tell him how you feel! Keep it simple and thoughtful is my best advice.

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                        Just a sweet, heartfelt, card. And a small token gift, like a bamboo or cookie. Just drop it off. That will express your wish.

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                          I can’t stop thinking of you and the fact your situation is way more complicated than just asking someone to be your boyfriend. You say it’s complicated because of his world views…and yet you’re carrying his baby! Have you spoken to an attorney about his legal and financial obligations? It sounds like he needs to grow up and adapt his world views to the fact he’s fathering a child, whether he likes it or not. I truly hope you’re going to be okay and have the support you need to handle this.

                          $45 is way too much money to spend. Just buy a little box of chocolates or a single rose. Why complicate things?

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                            Hardware store: galvanized bucket.

                            Dollar tree: floral foam, wooden dowels, boxes of his favorite candy and tissue paper. Put the foam in the bottom of the bucket. Glue boxes to the wooden dowels and stick into the foam. Stuff tissue paper around to fill in the holes. Valentine’s cards are fifty cents there.

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                              If he really wants to go out with you, he’ll manage to make you a priority no matter how busy, especially on Valentine’s Day.

                              That said, I’d ask him out and if he says he’s “too busy”, I’d take that as a hint. Save the gift for later, for when he makes you a priority.

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                                Well not sure if he knows he’s going to be a dad or not .. if not go to dollar tree store and find a box and have him open it. If he knows he is going to be a dad and you want him to be your boy friends I would still go to dollar tree pick out his favorite candy and snacks and a balloon and write on the balloon Will you be my boyfriend? And leave it at that.

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                                  My fiancé collects hot wheels, I took the kids and we all picked one for him to add to his collection ❤️ we also got him some little stuff he’s been asking for (new key rings, a new lanyard) and we tucked it in a little bag, grabbed him lunch and dropped it off at work. Stumped on what to do this year because honestly he’d rather have stuff like that and I already did it once so could I get away with it a second time? Lol

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                                    Keep your money – and have the talk first

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