Any of you used these nano stuff on your roof?

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      Ive got an important decision to make and need your help to make it. Here is the context: We own a house and the roof is finished but on one side only. The side that the sun hits all day long damaged first. We maybe want to do an extension to the house buy adding a room over the garage and doing a 3rd floor but we are not ready at the moment for large renovations and interest rates are too high to remortgage.

      Also I am on sick leave because of intense pelvic pain and we still dont know what is causing it. I am well covered with 3 insurances policies that are paying out so we have not lost a salary. I’m actually making 3k more a month then if I was working.

      But its two years max so if this lasts longer I might be looking at a reduced income.

      1 – We redo the whole roof ( doing only one side will cost too much ) 16k for a 50 year shingle. We live in Canada so we know the roof wont last that long. 20 years if we are lucky.

      2 – We use an alternative product that companies are offering that seals your roof with a nano technology waterproof sealant that is supposed to extend your roof for up to 15 years. Cost 3100$

      This is new technology so it would be a gamble to see if it works to buy us time to see if we want to do the extension and change the roof at the same time.

      We are unsure if we want to do the extension or not. It would add about 150k to our mortgage but the house would gain about 250k in value because of the neighborhood we are in. Not counting the value in 10 to 20 years as a 6 bedroom house.

      But if we don’t do the extension we would obviously pay off our mortgage faster. We are at 250k left to pay and the house is worth as is 700k.

      Starting MTG was 375k 6 years ago so we’ve paid down quite a good amount.

      I want to leave myself leeway in case we want to do it, if we pay 16k for a new roof we are canning the extension project because no way I would rip the roof off for the extension if its new.

      But this Nano technology stuff has me a bit worried and I don’t want to be ripped off and waste 3100$ then have to redo the roof anywase cause the product sucks. Any of you used these nano stuff on your roof?

      What would you all do?

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        If possible do a metal roof. They last so much longer than shingles and the cost may be comparable.

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          I’m going to suggest a new option because you have *so much* sun on that one side: Replace the whole roof—possibly with metal—and add solar at the same time. This will lower your costs over time and add value to the home. It’s best to add with a new roof. The market for 6 bedroom homes is smaller than you’d think as families have gotten smaller.

          Another option is to sell and flip your profit into a lower mortgage elsewhere. You could give the new buyers a roof credit.

          Good luck with the medical issues—make sure they look closely for endometriosis (often diagnosis is only through exploratory surgery) and ovarian cysts.

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            Andrea, I would consult with a personal realtor for free to ask which option will give more value to the property.

            For me, I will not live for another 50 years, I have no reason apart of leaving the house to my children which they wanted money anyways so will sell it as soon as you and husband are gone.

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              First question is do you really need the extension. More rooms to maintain insure and clean. I’ve never heard of a 50-year roof usually shingles last 25 to 30 years. I would just put it good roof on it and be done.

              You’re better off being the little fish and a big pond as far as heighborhoods goes. Your house value will be pulled up by having more expensive homes around you. The worse thing you can do is over build for the neighborhood.

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                Do the roof at 16k. Forego the extension bc IMHO you reduce your target audience with a 6bd house…Unless you need the space for living now.

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                  Would you treat a tooth ache with ibuprofen instead of having a root canal due to an infection because someday you might get dentures?

                  Half a roof is a recipe for regret.

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                    Unless you need all those rooms, don’t add on A 5-6 bedroom house w/ multiple bathrooms will take all your free time to clean. I’ve experienced it. I’d opt for a smaller home any day.

                    Live life.

                    Don’t let a house suck up all your time. For resale, you don’t want your house to be the biggest in the neighborhood.

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                      Do the roof, wait on extension. Can you look into a metal roof? The Amish/Mennonite (very reasonable) did ours in WI and supposed to last for our lifetime. Above all, concentrate on your health first.

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                        With the medical issues you are having and at this time unknown causes of it, I would repair the roof you have and keep paying down your mortgage.

                        I am older and been through alot with home repairs over the 28 years I’ve owned my home the extension is a Want not a Need so yes for now put that dream on the back burner.

                        Also, I would not risk with technology stick with what is tried and true. From my own experience many years ago we had a new roof put on by a reputable company and 15 years later it started leaking in 3 places unfortunately warranty did no good for us at all as the company had went out of business. Same with the roofing shingles. Play it safe especially if you are having health issues.

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