Part-time jobs with benefits for 1099 workers?

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      Has anyone started work part time (only 2-3 shifts per week) at chipotle or Costco and gotten their benefits? I read they offer to PT. I am 1099 and health insurance and retirement investing are non existent for me right now. I’m wondering if getting a part time second job that has benefits would be worth it? Any recommendations for other companies that offer PT benefits welcome!

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        My son worked at Home Depot as his high school job, and it was great! They have all kinds of benefits for part time employees such as tuition reimbursement, 401k, and many others; I believe medical as well. He also received more than fair pay for our area.

        I think it would be a great place for a part time job, especially if you want to have great benefits.

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          I work as a substitute teacher for benefits in MN. You have to work once every 150 days to get medical/dental insurance. Coverage is about the sane as the hospital I worked at.

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            If you have a Sheetz near you, they have great benefits and treat people well.

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              Just be aware that many places that offer benefits to part time employees also often charge them a greater amount for those benefits as well.

              For example if they cover 70% of the cost of health insurance for full time, they might only cover 30-40% for a part time employee.

              Of course this varies by every company.

              Suggested: If you had the choice to be paid w2, 1099 or as an s corp–what would the variables be for s corp vs 1099?

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                  Amazon. 30 hours for full benefits and 20 hours gets partial. Starts from Day 1 on insurance, 401k, etc. Educational benefits kick in at 90 days.

                  This is my fourth hire as I did holiday seasonal a couple of years. Am now permanent till I decide I am done for good….As long as you give notice then rehire is smooth and easy.

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                    Just here to say hospitals are declining on the benefits. Would not recommend.

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                      UPS offers amazing insurance benefits for part time workers. Pay isn’t great and it is usually loading trucks early in the morning or at night, but their health insurance can’t be beat.

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                        I’ve heard (no proof) Starbucks intentionally doesn’t give the minimum hours needed to qualify for benefits. This has been my worry to make the move to part-time work for benefits.

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                          Hospital/health system and higher education will probably offer benefits to part-time employees. Your benefit cost may be higher since you are part-time but may be cheaper than the marketplace.

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                            I work at Walmart for the benefits. 30 hours a week for health insurance for yourself and children, 34 hours for spousal benefits. If you are a good worker, they will work around your schedule, give you extra time off etc.

                            Most of the positions are stocking shelves or picking grocery orders. 100 percent match up to 6 percent on 401k, 15 percent match on company stock up to $1800. Health insurance runs about $35 every 2 weeks, $180 every other week with spouse. HSA match $750.

                            Most of the stores have openings for all times of day.

                            I think Target went to 24 hours a week for health insurance but I don’t know how many days a week you need to work.

                            Worth a look: For those who reached RE (wow!) did you find any PAID fun jobs after you retired, maybe with benefits even?

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                              My mom has worked for Costco for 15 years. She has recently moved to part time and still has to work 5 days a week. They will not allow her to do it into 2-3 days.

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                                USPS offers health insurance for part time. If you are a career employer you get tsp (retirement) and sick/vacation days. It can be few hours, but it really depends what office you work in, they are all different depending how big the office is and if they are fully staffed. Good luck!

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                                  I work at Trader Joe’s. You have to work an average of 28 hours per week to qualify for medical insurance. That is 4 days/week.

                                  You can get vision and dental for much less (2-3 days)

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