For those who reached RE (wow!) did you find any PAID fun jobs after you retired, maybe with benefits even?

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      Calling all retirees who have reached Financial Independence and Retired Early (FIRE)! Have you managed to find any enjoyable paid jobs post-retirement, perhaps with additional benefits? We’re curious to hear about your experiences and any tips you might have for others looking to do the same. Share your insights and recommendations with us! Your input could inspire others on their journey to financial freedom and early retirement.

      Thank you for sharing your stories!

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        I’m not FIRE yet but I want to be a park ranger or a tour guide 🤣 it would give an excuse to be outdoors.

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          I enjoy delivering for Uber Eats. I control when I work and how long.

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            Work about 10 weeks a year. Smoke chaser for the Minnesota DNR during fire season and tractor driver during harvest at the Minnesota State Tree Farm. Fun jobs that keep me outside.

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              I think my retire hobby to dedicate some extra time to is going to be seeking low credit people who rent and helping them budget, repair and buy their first home.

              Mentorship sort of thing.

              I do that now too as an active agent, but sometimes but it’s hard to focus on that enough because habits are hard to change and it’s hard to make steady paychecks in the industry depending on those individuals following through.

              I do try!

              Worth a look: What do families that are retired if they pay for their daughters wedding?

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                I’m still working towards fire, but my side gig as an independent travel advisor has been a fun way to bring in additional income that I work on around my other commitments.

                It’s been super fun learning about the travel industry.

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                  I’m a flight instructor.

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                    If you RE it’s because you are FI. Why would you be working and looking for income? That’s kind of the antithesis to FIRE. If you need something to do there are plenty of volunteer opportunities.

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                      Started a dog sitting biz for my kids which keeps our whole family busy, and they have legitimate earned income to contribute to their Roth IRA.

                      Only downside is that we barely have any free time, other than pre-planned vacations.

                      Have you seen: What are the best part-time occupations for early retirees?

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                        Seems like “work” has morphed into some unacceptable evil amongst some of the FIRE movement. Remember when you were a child dreaming of being a . . .? Or in your 20’s so excited to get a job and begin your career as a …? So proud that you achieve that goal?

                        After FI, “work” can be rekindled into “do what you like to do, and get paid for it”.

                        And what if those extra dollars allow you to enjoy a few more pleasures in life without concern of spending above your limit? Have a little extra cushion so you’re not always re-running the numbers? Allow you to GIVE a little more?

                        Yes, I have worked and have no problem exchanging my time for money, because I have enough time (!) and I like the additional gifts in life that the money allows. (and I’m referring to the extra $30 I made DoorDashing – exploring the town while listening to music and watching the sunset- that pays for my dinner!)

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                          My dream after I retire is to move to a beach location (probably Med), buy a few condos and rent them out for experiential travelers. I would then basically act as a tour guide for these folks, taking them around the area so they can discover the local spots and have an authentic travel experience. WDYT?

                          I could also just become an around-the-world tour guide where I take folks to multiple countries and act as a tour guide everywhere we go.

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                            I see many retired folks work as para’s within the schools. Can be as short as 3-4 hr days, doing lunch and recess supervision. Nothing too strenuous, but they all say it keeps them young being around joyful youth.

                            Many times, benefits are offered, no weekends, holidays, or summers plus long breaks in between.

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                              Work at a National Park for a season, most allow you to either bring a 5th wheel/motor home or live in the employee cabins. You don’t get paid a ton, but it’s fun, you meet people from all over the globe, and you maybe see a place you haven’t been. It also allows you extensive time in the park so you can explore it at your leisure. One of the absolute best times of my life working at 2 different NPs.

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