What are the best part-time occupations for early retirees?

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      Those that have retired young, by 40, what part time occupation have you found to help you stay productive or recommendations do you have?

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        Because I am height and weight proportionate and have little to no health issues; I have been officiating high school football.

        I still run and go to the gym if the off season.

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          Was a bit older than that but I volunteered for an organization that provides assistance to seniors and people that need help financially. I provided transportation for seniors going to appointments. You can usually do it as many or as few days as you like. It was a great experience.

          The way I described it was “over the course of a week I would have 300 years worth of life experience in my car”.

          You get to know people, they’re very appreciative and I actually got to learn a lot from all that wisdom.

          You can check also: I’ve been a RN for 20+ years – Time for a change

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            No, you don’t need an occupation to stay productive. Get a hobby or bunch of them then you are all set. By 40, if you have a family & kids then it’s really fun to raise/take care of the kids. You can be very busy teaching/ coaching them and traveling the world with them.

            I took my kids to 40 countries before their college years.

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              I don’t need a part time job to feel productive. I golf, ski, play tennis, gym, spa, travel, volunteer at the animal shelter and help out my senior neighbors.

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                Financial planning! It’s so fulfilling to help people create a plan for their ideal life and then to help them achieve it. Plus, you can work from home on your own schedule and be totally independent.

                There are some drawbacks as a career changer but it’s all figuroutable!

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                  School bus driving… It gives structure to my day, covers my utilities and other small bills, and there’s a daily social component to it as well.

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                    I will write code when I retire. And that makes people so happy that they hand over som extra money.

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