Unlocking the Digital Library: A Hidden Treasure for Book Lovers

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      I did a quick group search and it came up empty so I do hope this is not a repeat topic. I absolutely love to read. I do have a Kindle and I also browse used books at thrift stores and have a few friends that i exchange books with.

      Digital books have gone through the roof. I used to get new released books for 4 or 5 dollars on my kindle and they’re now asking for 19.99, even 24.99! (it’s just crazy to me! and a big disappointment) It was by accident that I discovered my local library now has a digital section! It’s absolutely free with your library card. It works with your Kindle app but it does not require it, you can use the Libby app and use it on your phone or tablet.

      Once you have it set it up it works like this: You select the book you want to borrow. It will tell you how many copies are available and how many are currently “checked out” and what your time waiting in line for it is, for example 3 weeks, and it sets up notifications when the time is nearing.

      You can do searches for books available “now” as well. There are magazines of all sorts and newspapers from all over. How long you can have the book “checked out” depends on how many people are in line waiting to read it from what I can tell. my first several selections were a standard two weeks but when I checked out a NY best seller book, I had only ten days.

      ALL FREE!.

      Just need your library card! I hadn’t given the local library much thought since my children were young. This digital option reflects the digital age we’re living in but also keeps reading material and literacy available to everyone!

      I’m very excited to have discovered this gem and I’m excited to share it with all of you.

      I hope your local libraries offer this option too!

      I also rediscovered all the children programs the library has to offer in person so I’ll be finding new activities to explore with my grandson!

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        Libraries in my area have book sales every 4 – 6 months. Paperbacks are .50 cents and hardback books are $1.00.

        Then on the last day of the sale, a bag of books is $5.00 and they really cram those books in the bags.

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          I use both Libby & Hoopla thru my library.
          Kanopy is another one, although I haven’t used.

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            Best use of your tax dollars if you have a good library. The Chattanooga Public Library where I live is great!

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              Plus, the more books get checked out, the more funding the library receives!! Win-win.

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                Yes, most libraries offer Libby and hoopla apps now. They are pretty great. You can also have more than one library card attached to your Libby app.

                And kindle has sales occasionally. I Just got a book for 2.99. Just have to look out for them. But most of my books come from Libby or hard copy from the library because I want the libraries to stay open. But I will purchase books I love because I want authors to be supported as well.

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                  Nook and Kindle so have free eBooks as well. Usually when I want something new I can find 20+ books that are free in the genre I like. They may not all be great but I always have new books and new authors available.

                  I pretty much never buy books but read every day. I do have a few favorites that I reread every year but for the most part I read 150+ new books a year.

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                    Try the fussy librarian as well. You may not find the big bestsellers but there’s a bunch of genres and options.

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                      I’ve been filling my kindle from the public library for years. I rarely buy books anymore. I was a huge library user for physical books before but no more driving to return books or late fees.

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                        We love our local library! Each of my kids has their own card. We also use it to check out DVD’s and digital movies. It has saved us soo much!

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