What gift do I bring to a bridal shower?

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      I am attending a bridal shower soon. There is no registry. Need ideas for what gift I can bring without spending too much. I have several weddings and showers coming up and all the gifts are breaking my budget!

      In this case, the bride and groom already have a house together, so I think that is why they didn’t register. They pretty much have what they need for their household.

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        For babies I love doing a dollar tree gift basket of bathtime toys! The dollar tree has “boogie wipes.” And those were my favorite product as a daycare teacher so I always include those. They have cute things for cheap.

        Wedding showers I try to make something. For my friends I got a tray from the dollar tree and painted it with their last name, got a couple coffee mugs.

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          I buy all couples one really good kitchen knife. Its surprising how much nicer cooking is with good knives.

          I watch for sales and keep them tucked away until they are needed. Canadian Tire, TJ Maxx and Homegoods have the good Zwilling Henkel ones on sale all the time.

          According to tradition you should also Attach some money (a dollar is fine) to the knife to ensure your friendship isn’t cut.

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            For people without an established household, you can do a junk drawer starter kit- I pulled together a bunch of things you usually only need a couple of but can only buy in large numbers like rubber bands, paperclips, pens, etc, and other odds and ends that are helpful but you wouldn’t think to get like super glue, sharpie, etc.

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              I loooove giving a little basket with either date night items (candy, movie, etc) or I love giving household items.

              Shower curtain, blanket, laundry detergent, some cute glasses, things that they will replace or a fun little item

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                One of my favorite gifts was a picnic basket with dishes and things in it.

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                  I buy fire extinguishers for wedding gifts….my dad was a fireman.

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                    The best gift I ever received was a spaghetti sauce recipe, and all of the dry ingredients to make it. Was wrapped up in a nice colander.

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                      Think outside the box. Ask what their colors and styles are. I had to do that. Mr. and Mrs. items, fun mixing bowls or storage set, unusual but commonly used utensils like puzza cutter or watermelon cutter, chip clips, fun seasonal items, recipe book or subscription to a magazine, etc.

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                        Find a like new copy of a good book on handling finances well. Maybe a Dave Ramsey book.

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                          As a bride, I’m not really doing a registry. Were doing a honeymoon & home fund. Is this couple doing that?

                          With that, anything would help, even $5 in my opinion!

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                            Figure out exactly what you have for funds and divide it by the number of showers and weddings. I’d give cash or a gift card to Target or Kohls.

                            In the future, a sinking fund under the catagory of gifts would be helpful and not break your budget.

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                              Do they like to watch movies or series? What about a year gift card subscription for a streaming service, a Costco size box of microwave popcorn, maybe a blanket to snuggle under?

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                                Laundry basket full of cleaning supplies and hand towels, wash rags, etc and a few other random items (depending on the person) from the Dollar Tree! It sounds weird, but I’ve given this a few times and it’s a hit every time. It’s useful and practical.

                                I love to gift in a laundry basket.

                                A gift bag costs a few dollars just like a laundry basket so might as well get them the option they’ll use again.


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                                  My go to bridal shower gift/wedding gift has always been a Fire Extinguisher and a Smoke alarm ( plus batteries). I write in the card “ I hope this is a gift you never have to use!” I also include the craziest funniest spoon rest I can find.

                                  Have gotten many compliments from couples.

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                                    I’ve always assumed that if a couple doesn’t register, money would be what is most appreciated but they know it would be tacky to say such a thing.

                                    So, I’d go with money. However, if they celebrate Christmas a sweet ornament for their “First Married Christmas” is often a cute idea.

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                                      I always get a Christmas Ornament with the year and “1st Christmas together ” or something like that.

                                      You can make or buy.

                                      Depending on how well I know the couple, I may add something else.

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