Easy gluten-free and dairy-free crock pot recipes?

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      I have spent way too much on take out this week. What are your easiest crock pot recipes? I’m also gluten and dairy free 😅 Mon – Thurs is jam packed for me this week so I need easy things to make so I’m not tempted.

      Thanks for any suggestions!!

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        If you use the search function on this Facebook page and search ‘crockpot meals’ there are lots of good ideas given previously. It’s the magnifying glass at the top. Hope you find something yummy.

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          Whole chicken, but I rest mine on a bed of onions. Roast, potatoes, and carrots. White chicken chili (I use stock and blend some white or northern beans to get the creaminess). Split pea soup. Beef stew…

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            Pulled pork using pork shoulder or country ribs is good.

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              Baked potatoes. You can use them for a meal and then dice up, pan fry and use in tacos.

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                4 Pork chops, add a can of chopped tomatoes with the juice, oregano, garlic, slice onions or bell peppers if you like. Low for 6-8 hours. Serve with potatoes and a green veggie.

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                  Salsa + chicken for bowls or wraps or tacos or dairy alternative quesadillas.

                  A pot of black beans with onions and some chorizo in it could create some of the same types of meals.

                  Suggested: For those that are gluten-free… How do you stay frugal?

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                    Jar of Salsa, can of black beans or whatever beans you prefer, add onions and/or bell pepper. Boneless skinless chicken, breasts or thighs whatever you like. Shred meat when tender.

                    You can make bowls with rice put this on top.

                    Salad with this on top.

                    Burritos, tacos.

                    You can actually do the same thing with a few pork chops. Or beef of some kind

                    Super easy and versatile

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                      A cheap roast beef.

                      Lay a chopped onion on the bottom, roast on top, add carrots and potatoes and season with Lipton Beefy Onion soup.

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                        One jar of Herdez green chili, 1 packet Hidden Valley Ranch dressing stir.place 4 chicken breasts on top and make sure chicken is covered with mixture depending you may add a little water. Place lid on crockpot set on high for 4 hours.

                        I flip the chicken at 2hours. Shred chicken serve over rice/couscous with veggie side.

                        Great in baked potato add small dollop of sour cream if you like or use the chicken as taco meat or for taco salad.

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