Where can I find affordable 5×7 or 8×10 rugs?

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      Hi… I need suggestions on best places to buy rugs for a house somewhat affordable. I would need either 5 by 7 rugs or 8by 10 either size would work. I have checked marketplace around my area but people are asking 100 plus for use rugs. I bought one of Amazon 8 by 10for 40 dollars because they had them at 50 percent off but you can only get one. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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        Be careful buying cheap rugs. If the backside is made of cheap material, it can literally ruin your floors.

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          I actually found a nice soft plush rug at Aldi’s, 8×10, for (I think) $40.

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            Ollies if you have any of those in your area.

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              Dalton, Ga, the carpet capital of the US.

              There’s a place there, you pick out your carpet and they cut and bind for you whatever size you desire.

              We bought a 6×8, an 8×10 and a 10×13, to match kitchen, dining room and living room- all for $50 each and we picked the carpet we wanted.

              Useful: Would love your recommendations please on where to buy inexpensive kitchen and bathroom area rugs

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                Homesense and/or Home Goods. Homesense has more and some are dirt cheap.

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                  Wayfair has sales often -or look at their sale section. I have gotten 2 rugs from them. They are nice.

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                    At our Air Base Carpet Mart, you can buy remnants and have them bound. That turns them into nice area rugs.

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                      Check Ross/Burlington/HomeGoods, their regular prices for an 8X10 is about $100 but you might be able to find a marked down one for less.

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                        Clearance on kohls when they have take an extra 40% off I got 2 12×9 rugs for 90$

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