Affordable and beautiful places to retire?

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      I am looking to retire in two years and was wondering if anyone has personal input on where is affordable and beautiful to move to for retirement? Anywhere! I’m open! I will have a small pension so any other financial suggestions are welcome!

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        If US. Pretty much anywhere in the southeast not on the coast. If intl. I’ve been really looking at Portugal.

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          Ecuador is replacing Costa Rica in terms of affordability, health care, weather, drive on right side of the road and use US currency. Mostly speak English and very large expat communities.

          The president now has unheard of in any country 80% approval rating for cleaning up crime and corruption.

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            I see it’s been mentioned, just giving another to Thailand!

            I’m here for 3 months, trying it out. Doing a petsit (have more info on that if interested). Large expat communities, super friendly locals, great & very affordable food.

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              Thailand. Beautiful country, nice people and culture, world class healthcare.

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                Check out Panama Relocation Tours on Facebook. The amount of realistic information one gets from this site is amazing.

                We did the relocation tour and learned about all of our options and what it was really like.

                We decided we didn’t need to move there, but we will be visiting.

                Also, check out: Catch up on retirement savings in mid-30s?

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                  I fantasize about retiring to the Philippines–there is a YouTube channel called Vagabond Awake and he covers the cost of living there and in other more affordable countries very thoroughly.

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                    The best place to retire is one that fits your preferences, budget and lifestyle goals.

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                      I’m retired in Thailand. Lots of great places to choose from. Cost of living can be low, great food, nice people, great scenery, etc. We retired here because we love the country not because of costs.

                      My wife is originally from Thailand so it was a homecoming after 27 years away.

                      Retirement visas are not difficult if you’re over 50.

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                        • Malaysia.
                        • Mexico.
                        • Panama.
                        • Philippines.
                        • Portugal.
                        • Thailand.
                        • Vietnam.
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                          South Carolina sunsets property taxes once you hit 65.

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                            South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, TN, and Arkansas are all cheap in the right sections but of course have more expensive areas too.

                            Maine is not too bad in the Northern region. NH can be cheaper than some places if far north.

                            I suspect others will be aware of mid-west states that are cheap to live.

                            Worth a look: Retired couple seeks low-fee, conservative investment options for $750k!

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                              Arkansas, Ozark Mountain area, jasper, Buffalo River Mountain home.

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                                Croatia maybe! Not sure about visa requirements! Also, Montenegro!

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                                  Probably Missouri.
                                  Decent temps, not too hot for long.
                                  Just stay away from Ozark (tv series) territory and the druggies.
                                  There’s also Georgia around Savanna but hurricane risks occasionally. Stay inland.
                                  Wyoming is pretty interesting!

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                                    In the US, Georgia is still affordable and there are tax breaks for seniors. Weather is great and you can experience 4 seasons without snow. We have the largest airport in the world and you avoid connections when flying.

                                    International, my vote would be the Philippines. English is the 2nd language and your SS will go along way to live comfortably. Explore the many islands and you will experience paradise. Great home base to explore Southeast Asia.

                                    Take a peek at: Retirement allocation for 70 year olds with 200k in 401k?

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                                      Thailand. Honduras. Mexico. You’re too late for Portugal, Spain, or Costa Rica.

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