What’s your thermo in the summer set to?

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      Hubs and I are having an “electrical disagreement”. What do y’all leave your ac thermastats on during the Spring/Summer on? I live in Dallas, Texas, just for reference! Hot and muggy! I don’t live in Alaska!

      There’s no right or wrong answer, by the way, lol! I just won’t show him this answer if it doesn’t go my way! lol (if it’s something not less than 79 F!)

      He likes to keep at 79! Yep! I’m a woman of 56 (hot blooded), a frugal woman that agrees to be frugal and not freeze it out and keep it at 76-77 but good grief, 79 in Texas in Summer? We’re already warring over the thermo and it’s only May!

      What’s your thermo in the summer set to?

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        79 in the Texas summer? Yeah, I would totally be moving out 😂 I keep mine on 67/68.

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          Currently having the Great Thermostat Debate in our house also. He wants it at 78, I’m trying to tell him I don’t live in a terrarium. We’re in California btw, the land of 110+ degrees during summer.

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            69-72 all year round. I’ll cheap out elsewhere, but I refuse to sweat inside my own home.

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              We keep the summer temps at about 71* around the clock. I also have multiple fans I deploy to help me. I am a little on the “mature” side of age so I REQUIRE cooler temps. I also have multiple auto immune illnesses which cause me to run “hot”. If he gets cold, he puts on more clothes b/c I can only take off just so much – and ain’t nobody needing to see that. LOL

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                I live in Wilson, OK. Which is about an hour away from you, so same climate. I keep it at 72.

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                  I’d love to keep mine at 69 all year. But the frugal part of me just can’t do that. This year we’ve agreed to keep it at 75. Currently it’s still cool enough at night here that I open the windows at night and try to get it to cool off. But soon that won’t be able to happen and we’ll keep it 75 with all the fans on.

                  We also keep it 65-68 in the winter and put space heaters in the kids rooms at night because they are in the basement and it gets cold.

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                    69 degrees near Fort Worth. I get too hot if it’s above that and start to feel nauseated.

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                      I’m in Houston and I have mine arounnd 79-81. That’s comfortable in the house with shorts, but I also prefer being warm over cold. This weekend I was visiting family and they kept it at 70. I was shivering and layered up the entire day. I should mention, as summer heats up I will likely lower it a couple degrees.

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                        Listen, I’m a Floridian. 78 daytime, 76 nighttime. Anything colder than that is just an expensive electric bill. And I’m comfortable at those temps. Right now it’s not super hot yet so the AC often stays off, and the sliding door is open so the cats can go back and forth on the screened in porch.

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                          70-72. I couldn’t tolerate 79 inside. Too hot for me. I would tell him if he’s cold then he can put on more clothes.

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                            Husband owns a construction company and he says he works too hard in the heat and cold to not be comfortable at home so it stays anywhere from 68⁰ to 72⁰ all year. We’re in Alabama.

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                              We keep ours at 72 in the summer. It gets super hot and humid here. 72 is comfortable, but not cold. I refuse to be uncomfortable in my own house.

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                                Well, you all would just hate my place. I live near Phoenix Arizona, born-n-raised. Thermostat for summer is set at 84° during the day. 78° for sleeping. I have a sweater in the car for visiting, shopping & restaurants. A dip in the pool several times a day to keep the body temperature down. It also helps with fitness in several ways: 1) wanting to look good naked 2) keeps me moving at my age.

                                Believe this or not, the elderly actually wear heavy winter sweaters during summer while out for a walk.

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