How can I reduce the cost of medication?

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      My husband and I are retired, and he recently encountered a health crisis. Today we learned one of his meds will cost $488.09 per month. And there are other drug and Dr. visit co-pays, along with three surgeries next month, and several trips of over 100 miles (one way) and at least one of over 300 miles (one way) to see specialists. Where do we cut back to afford all this?

      We have a reasonable retirement income, but this it going to take a chunk out.

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        Go to and put in your zip code. Find your local area agency on aging. They have programs for drug assistance.

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          The pharmaceutical industry has the USA held hostage.

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          Ty Peirce

            You tell the doctor to change the medication because it’s too expensive. This is your treatment plan and you have the right to reject it or accept what is prescribed to you.

            The doctor should provide you with alternative choices.

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              Mark Cubans cost plus.

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                Please call the medication manufacturer and talk to them. They may give you a significant discount!

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                  Try Good RX or Singlecare. Go to the medications website and see if they have any coupons. Ask the Dr for samples or if she can prescribe a generic or other medication.

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                    Are you on Medicare? Sight up for a advantage plan today . They don’t take prior medical conditions into consideration they can’t turn it down . They will help a lot . Most cap your spending at 4,500 a year in out of pocket cost . Call before you do anything else if you have Medicare . Hope it helps

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                      Ask if there is a financial advocate at your hospital. They can be an amazing help.

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                        Be sure to ask about patient assistance programs for the meds. Many of the drug companies have them. The doctor and staff should be familiar with it.

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                          Ask your doctor for samples. My eliquis goes into a donut hole around September and it’s $432 a month so I get samples from my PCP and my cardiologist and that gets me through to the end of the year.

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