I use the GoodRx app. It saves me 50% off my scripts

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      The GoodRx app has become a lifesaver for many, offering substantial savings on prescription medications. This user-friendly app provides access to discounted prices and coupons for various prescriptions, helping individuals save up to 50% or more on their medication costs.

      Whether you’re uninsured, underinsured, or simply looking to lower your out-of-pocket expenses, GoodRx offers a convenient solution to mitigate the high costs of prescription drugs. The app allows users to compare prices at different pharmacies, find the best deals in their area, and even access additional discounts through available coupons.

      With the rising costs of healthcare, GoodRx empowers consumers to take control of their prescription expenses and make informed decisions about their healthcare needs.

      Its widespread availability and ease of use make it a valuable resource for anyone looking to save money on medications without compromising on quality or convenience.

      If you’re struggling to afford your prescriptions, downloading the GoodRx app could be a game-changer, providing significant savings and peace of mind.

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        I have tried using Good Rx several times and never had it accepted.

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          One prescription I take is $1,200+ WITH insurance for a 3-month supply. On GoodRX it’s $120 for 3 months. Savings of 90!!!

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            What I’ve found is many manufacturers offer coupons through their website that are even cheaper! It’s magic!

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              I get my dog’s meds at Rite Aid. They cost $16 there with their pet discount and would be about $50 a month from the vet.

              Do not be embarrassed to ask your vet if they will send out the prescription to a human pharmacy. $400 a year savings is a lot of money.

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                I used mark Cubans pharmacy and saved a bunch of money.

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                  Use SingleCare too. It’s also free. Sometimes it’s less than good rx or ins.

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                    Almost all of my medicine is cheaper with GoodRx vs my insurance. One – ins $111, GoodRx $26.

                    I check the app every time. Keep in mind, the draw backs are it won’t count towards your annual deductible and you will have to get the medicine at that store or pharmacy.

                    Ps, you can submit an out of network claim tongwt deductible credit in some states and plans. Check with your carrier. I do a quick form and mail it off.

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                      Also look into the single care app. They have better prices now than before. I also use Good RX

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